The Revd Robert A Hamilton

BA Social Sciences 1989

Church of Scotland minister

Robbie Hamilton 680

Tell us in more detail what your role entails, what challenges you currently face, and how you are finding ways to cope.

For the past 25 years I have been working as a Church of Scotland minister, in Airdrie for the past 18 or so years.  

I’m as busy just now, perhaps even busier but trying to still be with people in need albeit in different and more creative of ways. 

I’m coordinating a scheme by which we continue to keep up with members, especially the most vulnerable. My visits we’re from my desk and by phone and I must have called about 70 folk. We’re also coordinating a scheme by which anyone who can’t get out can get a call from others who, if need be can get some provisions to them.  

My biggest job is to keep people’s spirits up with -

1. Phone calls

2. Daily Devotions on Facebook 

3. Worship streamed live from the Manse via the church website on a Friday and a Sunday 

Funerals continue and in a week I have had four. Arrangements are done over the phone. 

Do you have a top tip for coping at a time of crisis? Or a few words of advice or support for fellow students and alumni on the front line?

It’s hard not to drop everything and visit someone in need or not to give them a hug at a funeral. It is hard not to Visit folk who are critically ill in hospital. But a card or a letter go a long way.  

I’m not at the frontline in an obvious way but hope and pray that I am doing something to encourage and support. 

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