Leocadie Tchimoa Ouethy

BA (Hons) Nusrsing Studies 2006

ITU Nurse 

Leocadie Ouethy 680

Tell us in more detail what your role entails, what challenges you currently face, and how you are finding ways to cope.

Working in ITU is very challenging and stressful as we look after very sick patients. 

Today, as ITU Nurses we are in front line fighting the Coronavirus. The stress is high, but we are doing all we can to provide safe and good quality care to our patients. It is very scary but we are confident we have the skills, knowledge, determination, ability and the support to get through this difficult time. 

To cope with the stress, I do lots of exercises (running, cardio, stretch, walk and meditation), I am also learning crocheting when not working due to confinement/social distancing. I would also like to learn a new language. I am very close to my family and we talk several time a day. I love TV, Netflix  and Amazon prime.

Do you have a top tip for coping at a time of crisis? Or a few words of advice or support for fellow students and alumni on the front line?

For those trying to cope in time of crisis, I will recommend to try new fitness routine, learn something new or perfecting what they like. Talk to friend family or support group. Keep yourself occupied, keep moving. 

I am sending you a photo of me at work tonight and another with one of my colleague. We are working hard, safely and with passion. We love our job. It is very difficult and challenging, but I wouldn't change it. 

We are all proud to be NHS staff.

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