Jenifer Brigain

Dip HE Paramedic Practice  2018

Paramedic based in Edinburgh City

Jenifer Brigain 680

Tell us in more detail what your role entails, what challenges you currently face, and how you are finding ways to cope.

The Covid-19 virus has brought a lot of challenges to my position as a Paramedic and has allowed me to gain a better understanding of how wider services and government agencies impact on my role. 

At the moment, I think it’s accurate to say that things are extremely stressful. As front line workers we are often presented with the unknown. It’s our job to piece together the information and make as much use of it in terms of identifying trends and patterns with the virus to improve our understanding of how it is affecting our community. 

Do you have a top tip for coping at a time of crisis? Or a few words of advice or support for fellow students and alumni on the front line?

I(n this crisis, I think ensuring your keep your mind healthy is extremely important because how can you be expected to care for others if you yourself are not 100% right. It is easy to say but difficult to maintain a work life balance. Make sure you do not take on more responsibility than you are happy with and in this pandemic nothing is an emergency, that means you should never put your safety in jeopardy. 

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