Abigail Pritchard

BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Imaging 2019
Radiographer in Fife


Tell us in more detail what your role entails, what challenges you currently face, and how you are finding ways to cope.
As a radiographer I'm part of the front line team for the diagnosis of covid 19, our shifts have increased in hours and intensity, including longer periods of time in lead protection gear and full PPE. I recently had to move into temporary accommodation so I would be able to continue working but be away from my mum (who is in the high risk group). Isolation isn't the easiest!

As a result of the pandemic our team has bonded together in ways we hadn't before and it's so nice to see. Everyone is supporting one another and offering help where they can.

Do you have a top tip for coping at a time of crisis? Or a few words of advice or support for fellow students and alumni on the front line?
My advice is to find a way of leaving work stresses at work (where possible of course!)  At the end of the day, reflect on what was good and acknowledge what maybe wasn't so good. Yoga helps a lot!

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