Celebrating mentoring at GCU

28 April 2010

Celebrating mentoring at GCU

MENTORING at GCU was recently celebrated with a special event, attended by students from a variety of mentoring programmes and various GCU alumni.

Student President Steph Pitticas opened the event and GCU graduate John Cullen spoke about making the most of an interview opportunity. John, a former mentor, is now the Taekwondo National Team Coach for Scotland. He also provides regular commentary for the sport at a number of competitions including the Olympics.

Drama company Forward Role provided a participative workshop on the theme of ‘bad interview/good interview’ in which audience members were invited to participate by stopping the action and suggesting how the candidate could improve their chances of landing the job.

Frank Brown, Mentoring Coordinator from the College Articulation Project, said: “Taking part in a mentoring programme provides students with an excellent opportunity to gain new skills and enhance their university experience.

"The event gave us the opportunity to show that whilst the mentors may be working across a variety of projects with different sets of activities and objectives, they are all developing a set of skills and attributes which are attractive to employers. We are very fortunate in the calibre of mentors we are able to attract to all of our programmes and the qualities that they bring are central to the success of everything we do."