Eye clinic gifted £100,000 state-of-the-art scanner

13 April 2010

Eye clinic gifted £100,000 state-of-the-art scanner

GCU is one of only two UK universities to have the scanner.

GCU students will have access to a cutting-edge eye scanner capable of detecting diabetes, hypertension, and some forms of cancer.

The £100,000 machine has been gifted to the University’s eye clinic by retinal imaging specialists Optos.

It will allow students in the Department of Vision Sciences to develop their skills using some of country’s most advanced equipment for diagnosing eye conditions and other diseases.

GCU is one of only two universities in the UK to own the P200 scanner, which captures 200 degrees of the retina – as opposed to the standard 45 degrees. More than 90% of Scotland’s optometrists are trained at the University.

Niall Strang, Acting Head of Vision Sciences, said: “The P200 is the very latest in eye-scanning equipment and we are delighted to receive this generous donation from Optos.

“It will give our students the opportunity to train using cutting-edge technology, and further reinforces GCU’s reputation for excellence in the vision sciences.”

Optos was founded in 1992 by Douglas Anderson after his then five year-old son went blind in one eye when a retinal detachment was detected too late.

The firm is based in Dunfermline and has offices in the United States and Germany.

Tom Daniells Vice President of Global Marketing at Optos, said: “The P200 captures approximately 82% of the retina in only a quarter of a second to produce a high-resolution image.

“Its combination of ultra-wide imaging, speed and convenience is like nothing else on the market today and as such offers new levels of service to practitioners and patients alike.”

Colin McCallum, President of the GCU Foundation added: “This gift is a huge vote of confidence in GCU and in the quality of our work.

“We are grateful for all donations such as this, especially where they give students hands on experience of leading technology in the field.”