Grants enhance student experience

29 January 2010

Grants enhance student experience

Clubs and societies recieved more than £15,000

GLASGOW Caledonian received almost £1.5 million during 2008/09 thanks to philanthropic giving by university staff, alumni, trusts, companies and friends.

Out of this, £94,000 was in unrestricted donations - a massive increase on last year’s £5,523 - which has been put towards enhancing the student experience.

Almost £50,000 was distributed by the Development Steering Group.  The largest share, £20,000, went to student hardship to make an impact in supporting students who have faced real financial difficulties to continue with their studies. A total of £12,000 was invested in scholarships, and clubs and societies received £15,600.

The remaining £45,000 will be put towards a scholarship and bursary programme, to be announced before the end of the academic year.

Jo Dowling, Head of Development and Alumni Programmes, says: “Unrestricted donations occur when the donor has not specified a purpose for the money.

"These funds can then be used to boost areas in need of support, and we decided this year to put the money towards the student experience.

"People trust us to use the funds to make the most impact on the lives of our students and we’re confident that these grants will make a real difference.”

Colin McCallum, Vice President of the GCU Foundation, said: “Glasgow Caledonian is a registered charity and we are continually amazed and grateful for the generous support that so many friends of the university are willing to give, so that we can develop our mission.

"Many gifts received are for specific things as directed by the donor, but where people are willing to make an unrestricted donation it has a particular impact and helps to fund something that would otherwise struggle.

"As a charity we are able to make giving tax efficient and easy. For example, among the donations that made these disbursements possible are regular gifts by several staff members, given through the Payroll Giving Scheme, which allows regular gifts to be made tax free.”

Jo added: “As well as thanking donors, the recipients are asked to feedback at the end of the academic year on what difference these funds have made to them.”

Student sports clubs and societies were amongst the beneficiaries. Beth Montgomery, Vice President Sports and Societies, said: “We were delighted to discover all of our funding applications had been granted. This will make a big difference to the sports clubs and societies offering. The money will go towards improvements such as new team strips, equipment, training sessions and travel costs.”

Laura Allon, President of the Gymnastics Society, said: “The beam we bought with the grant last year allowed us to compete. We were ranked the top team in Scotland and seventh in the UK.

"Without the generous donation we would not have been able to participate, we are so grateful.”

List of grants 2008/09:

  • Gymnastics: £2,260
  • Muay Thai: £1,300
  • Men’s rugby: £1,200
  • Horse riding club: £1,000
  • Table tennis: £920
  • Men’s football: £900
  • Trampolining: £650
  • Women’s hockey: £500
  • Karate (Tei): £400
  • Taekwondo: £300
  • Swimming club: £200
  • Christian Union: £1,500
  • Muslim Students’ Association: £1,000
  • Law Society: £1,000
  • Radio Caley: £700
  • Glasgow Saudi students’ club: £700
  • Student Leaders’ programme: £1,100
  • Emergency student support: £20,000
  • Scholarship - Gillian Young: £7,000
  • Scholarship – Jamie Christie: £5,000