Dr Nancy Lombard to address Parliament

13 January 2014

Dr Nancy Lombard to address Parliament

Dr Nancy Lombard

GCU lecturer Dr Nancy Lombard has been invited by MSP James Dornan to the Scottish Parliament to discuss her research as part of a debate on domestic abuse.

Dr Lombard’s research highlights the need to engage young people in discussions towards gender-based violence including domestic abuse.

She has spoken widely on her research including a recent invitation to the United Nations and UNESCO.

A lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy in the Glasgow School for Business and Society and a member of the Institute for Society and Social Justice Research, Dr Lombard has been invited to the debate to support the work of the Cedar Network, which along with other third sector organisations is being commended by Parliament for its work in assisting women and young people who are affected by domestic abuse.

Dr Lombard said: “It is important Parliament addresses the issue of domestic abuse and how education can be used to challenge attitudes towards gender based violence. Gender-based violence is a consequence of gender inequality and we need to work with pupils in primary schools to help prevent domestic abuse in the future.”