GCU Alumni walk the Great Wall of China

05 December 2013

GCU Alumni walk the Great Wall of China

GCU Alumni walk the Great Wall of China

Two GCU alumni and a current GCU student took part in a charity trek this summer to walk the Great Wall of China in support of the GCU Brighter Futures Fund.

Alumni Sveta Barnett and Andrew Tomlinson along with current student Natalie Boyle walked an impressive 80 km over 12 days, raising over £3500 for the fund.

The fund supports scholarships, enhances our student facilities and adds value to our student clubs, societies and community projects and includes the innovative Student Leaders Programme, helping to increase employability. The fund is particularly special as it allows us to direct funding to where it can make the greatest impact for our students. 

Sveta recalls the day she celebrated obtaining her Masters degree from GCU, and promising herself that when she earned enough money, she would sponsor young people to help them achieve the best education they could.

She says: ‘Growing up in one of the standard Soviet Union industrial council estates, I always remembered what my dad once told me “you can be anyone you want to in this life if you really want it; just study hard, work hard and eventually it will pay off.” 

On the day of my graduation, I realised how lucky I was over all these years. I never had any money. But the people I met along the way in life, and those who had decided to sponsor me, had also given me wonderful opportunities and experiences. As a big thank you to all of them I am giving back to the world the thing that has made such a difference to mine - sponsorship and education. In my case education did make a difference and I do believe it can for another child from a deprived area in and around Glasgow. I want children to be able to have dreams and big dreams like I had and still do. I want them to know that if you really want something, all you need to do is study hard, work hard and it will pay off eventually. Then anything can happen!’