Lily Cole attends Freshers’ Week at Glasgow Caledonian University

19 September 2013

Lily Cole attends Freshers’ Week at Glasgow Caledonian University

Lily Cole visits Radio Caley

Lily Cole returned to Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) as part of Freshers’ Week and to introduce students to Impossible, a new social network that will seek to engender a peer-to-peer gift economy.

The actress and philanthropist delivered GCU’s annual Freshers’ Address after accepting an invitation from GCU Student Association President Matt Lamb.

Lily first visited GCU in July 2013 when she was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters.

Matt said: “We are delighted that Lily has agreed to speak at the Freshers’ Address. I am sure new students to GCU will be inspired and will empathise with Lily because she was a student not so long ago herself and knows how it feels on your first day.

“I met Lily when she attended GCU’s summer graduation ceremonies to be presented with an Honorary Degree by our Chancellor, Professor Muhammad Yunus. Her acceptance speech was inspirational and I decided to ask her to spare some time for our new students and she agreed immediately.”, founded by Lily Cole, is a new social network that aims to encourage a culture of giving and receiving. Developed to engender a peer-to-peer gift economy, this new initiative will be released early to Glasgow Caledonian students.

GCU students will be the first invited in Scotland to gain access and they will provide feedback on the social network.

Lily said: “The University will be working directly with Impossible to introduce the platform, and we would love any students who are keen to help champion it to get involved.”