Social Business Award 2013

10 January 2013

Social Business Award 2013

Glasgow Social Enterprise Network

What is the award?

The Social Business Award is an award that will recognise the best concept for a social business.  The winner will travel to visit and learn from relevant leading international and Scottish social enterprise leaders as well as the opportunity of help in developing their business concept.

Who is it for?

This award is open to all undergraduate students from 3rd year upwards, postgraduate students and recent graduates (within 1 year) of Glasgow Caledonian University.

What is the prize?

The winner will receive up to £1,000 in travel and subsistence to visit and learn from a relevant social enterprise leader on the international stage and up to £1,000 in mentoring from a leading Scottish social entrepreneur to develop their business concept.

Who is behind this award?

The award has been made possible thanks to the support of Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN).  GSEN is a network of social entrepreneurs operating in the Greater Glasgow Area. Membership includes social enterprises of all sizes at all stages of their development, across a wide range of trading activities. 

The award is co-ordinated through the Yunus Centre for Social Business & Health and the Glasgow School for Business and Society at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Register your interest

If you're interested in the Social Business Awards please register your interest here.

How to apply?

Submission of a proposal (see criteria below) to:

Submission Criteria

  • Entrants must be undergraduate students from 3rd year upwards, postgraduate students or recent graduates (within 1 year) of Glasgow Caledonian University.
  • Submission will be accepted by individual students only – no group submissions.
  • Submissions must be no more than 2 A4 single sided pages
  • Entrants will have a concept for a social business or already in the early stages of start-up.
  • Entrants will have given attention to researching relevant social enterprises within an international setting and social entrepreneurs within a Scottish setting.   
  • The deadline for entries is 22 March 2013. Entries received after this time will not be accepted.
  • Shortlisted finalists must be available to complete all stages.  Please see timetable below.
  • The shortlist of entrants and their entries will be published on Glasgow Caledonian University Website and promoted through Glasgow Social Enterprise Network. 

Judging Criteria

  • Is the concept creative and innovative?
  • Is it sustainable? 
  • Is there a demonstration of understanding the marketplace and demand?
  • What is the level of impact expected (economic, social, cultural or environmental)?


Stages Dates
Social Business Award is launched 14th January 2013
Deadline for submissions 22nd March 2013
Finalists shortlisted and confirmed TBC
Speed mentoring sessions TBC
Final presentation to panel of judges Week commencing 20th May 2013
Winner announcement Week commencing 27th May 2013