Creating social impact in corporate America

08 June 2018

Creating social impact in corporate America

Maggie Kervick.

Glasgow Caledonian University New York College (GCNYC) joined a panel of industry leaders to explore how to create social impact in corporate America.

GCNYC Directory of Strategy and Integrated Partnership Maggie Kervick was invited to speak on a panel titled “CSR 3.0” as a part of Shift Series, hosted by Social Impact 360.

Maggie was joined on her panel by experts from Eileen Fisher, Raffa Companies, and Campbell’s Soup. The panel was moderated by Elizabeth Rich from Forum for the Future. Also featured during the series were representatives from Kenneth Cole, Vimeo, Blab and more.

This panel of industry leaders, embarking upon a business-led movement for social good, gathered to inspire the next generation of experts to consider cutting-edge work in social enterprise and social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, and businesses standing for social impact and social justice.

Maggie’s panel discussed the definition of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the current state of CSR and where they think it is heading in the future – across all different industries. The panel discussion concluded with a discussion on systems and design thinking, the importance of collaboration in the pioneering industry of sustainable business.

Social Impact 360 (SI360) is the first and largest mentoring organisation in the country for training young social entrepreneurs at colleges nationwide.

This year’s summit gathered close to 200 college students from different schools.

Maggie said: “SI360 is dedicated to building a business sector where social impact is as valued as the bottom line, and training youth to build businesses to solve social issues, as well as how to create social impact in corporate America.”

Social Impact 360 plans to launch more than 1,000 alumni corps across the US, as the first Service Corps for Business for Good to transform companies nationwide into socially responsible entities and expand the business sectors' ability to create social impact.

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