GCU’s Professor McKendrick to champion children’s rights

06 February 2017

GCU’s Professor McKendrick to champion children’s rights

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) Professor John McKendrick is standing up for children to mark the 21st birthday of the Children’s Parliament.

Professor McKendrick has been named as one of 21 brave and inspiring individuals who are not ‘feart’ to make a difference in children’s lives and who will speak up for, and stand alongside, children.

The Children’s Parliament has launched its campaign ‘Unfearties’ to create a network of leaders across Scotland to stand up for children’s rights. He joins leaders within Scottish society, which include Deputy First Minister of Scotland and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills John Swinney MSP.

“If we want to make Scotland a better place – for children and adults – then why wouldn’t we want to listen to a million voices and their many millions of ideas. I’m proud to be an Unfeartie – speaking up for Scotland’s best interests by making sure that our children’s voices are heard and acted upon thereafter," said Professor McKendrick.

Professor McKendrick’s primary research focuses on poverty with a particular interest on the affect this has upon children. He is the co-editor of Poverty in Scotland (CPAG, 2016), and published reports on poverty and regeneration for The Hunter Foundation, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, and the Common Weal.

The Children’s Parliament is Scotland's Centre for Excellence for children's rights and children's voices. 'Unfearties' is a reference to Edwin Morgan's poem Open the Doors, which was written for the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 2004. 

 To find out more about the campaign go Children’s Parliament #Unfearties