GCU celebrates its international community

30 January 2017

GCU celebrates its international community

Today, Glasgow Caledonian University launched its Welcome Wall to international students at the Glasgow campus. This marks our strong commitment to the major initiative by all 19 universities in Scotland which was launched by the First Minister at a Burns Night celebration event in Edinburgh.
GCU Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Pamela Gillies CBE FRSE said: “Last week, our First Minister sent out an important message in her speech, that Scotland is a nation with a deep seated sense of internationalism and warmly welcomes all overseas students to our Universities regardless of religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. This week we openly celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of GCU and Scottish Universities. We applaud the contribution our international students make to our knowledge and understanding, at home and overseas. We sincerely value their contribution to our best efforts as a united University, to act for the benefit of the societies and communities we serve in Scotland and around the world. And we do this guided by our Chancellor, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and holder of the Presidential Medal of Freedom of the USA and the Congressional Gold Medal.
"Universities are bastions of free thought and necessarily international in outlook. Against this background we, like many other Universities around the world, are concerned by recent developments in the United States. This approach is contrary to the values many of us hold dear and we sincerely hope a better way forward is speedily found.
"In the meantime, GCU will continue to boldly embrace our commitment to the internationalisation of our University and to warmly welcoming and supporting our 5,000 international students in the UK and overseas.”

Abdullah Erikat, from Palestine, who is studying an MSc in Biomedical and Biomolecualar Science, spoke of the warm reception he received from GCU when he came to study in Scotland. He said: “If you are an international student in a foreign country, the country’s people make a huge difference to your experience.”

Patrick Ogah, from Nigeria, is studying an MSC in Applied Instrumentation and Control Engineering. He echoed Abdullah’s words and insisted on the importance of cultural diversity in our society.