Students triumph by raising food and toiletry items for the elderly

06 December 2016

Students triumph by raising food and toiletry items for the elderly

Jodie Waite, Vice-President, GCU Students’ Association.

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) Students’ Association is going door to door this Christmas in a bid to give elderly residents in the city’s west end a much-needed gift.

GCU students took part in, and won, the ‘University Challenge:  100 Santa Sacks Appeal’, an initiative created by Jacqueline McKie, Co-Chair of Woodside Community Council. 

The idea behind the initiative is that collected food and toiletries delivered door to door as gifts are more likely to reach those in need. 

Jacqueline said: “I undertook research last year to find out more about food banks and discovered they are primarily used by those on fixed incomes and rarely by the elderly.  Due to an impending forecast of a harsh winter, where the choice can be between ‘heating and eating’, I conceived the 100 Santa Sacks Project to focus on the elderly in a bid to deliver a bit of Christmas cheer.”

Students from the University of Glasgow helped launch the initiative and raised 100 bags of food and toiletries with supporting funding from Woodside Community Council.

This year, Jacqueline approached GCU students to invite them to go head to head with the University of Glasgow to see who could raise the most items between November 2 and December 1. It was revealed live on STV Glasgow last night (December 5) that GCU had brought in the most items. GCU raised 1114 items compared to the University of Glasgow’s 1051.

Jodie Waite, Vice-President, GCU Students’ Association, said: “GCU students and staff engaged really positively with the 100 Santa Sacks Appeal, and there has been a fantastic atmosphere on campus.

“GCU is the University for the Common Good, and our motto at GCU Students’ Association is ‘Be Part of Something Bigger’, therefore we consistently encourage students to get involved in projects that benefit the wider community. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response, and it was fantastic to see GCU win. The real winner here, however, will be the recipients of all the items raised.”

Jacqueline said:  “It is fantastic the students from both universities have embraced this appeal with such enthusiasm and when Jodie agreed that GCU would take part, as far as I am concerned, our community had already won.”