Optometry students take placements with Optical Express

10 October 2016

Optometry students take placements with Optical Express

Optometry students take placements with Optical Express

Optometry Students from Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) will learn state-of-the-art clinical and surgical techniques as part of a new placement scheme.

The Department of Vision Sciences within the School of Health and Life Sciences has added Optical Express as one of its providers of clinical work placements to further enhance students’ work experiences.

The new clinical placement scheme launched by Optical Express aims to help the sector’s future professionals gain experience of the latest eye surgery techniques and equipment.

Students are being offered the opportunity to visit Optical Express’ flagship Glasgow city centre eye clinic on an individual basis for a half day clinical session.

Each session will last up to four hours with students invited to observe the full patient journey. Students will get the chance to shadow Optical Express’ experienced clinical team including optometrists, surgeon support optometrists and ophthalmic surgeons. One student is set to visit the Glasgow clinic weekly throughout October and November.

Senior Lecturer in Vision Sciences at GCU, Dr Graeme Kennedy, said:“Learning from experienced clinicians and observing state of the art clinical and surgical techniques will give students an opportunity to develop a range of skills to enhance their employability, which is something we work hard at GCU to ensure. We are delighted to add Optical Express as one of our providers of clinical work placements and look forward to working together to help train the sector’s future professionals.”

Geraldine Meade, professional development director at Optical Express, said: “Education is the main focus of our new student project. As the UK’s leading provider of laser eye surgery, we are keen to share our expertise and knowledge of the latest advances in eye care.

“Each student who takes part will visit our state of the art Glasgow clinic for a half day clinical session, offering a unique opportunity to experience our superior level of clinical excellence, advanced technologies and state of the art equipment.

“The optical industry is very dynamic and with constant developments in technology and practices. Gaining access to the optical professionals, who are leading the way in developing and improving refractive surgery, will equip the sector’s future practitioners with unique insight and experience.”