Business leaders engage in retail education discussions at GCU New York

20 November 2015

Business leaders engage in retail education discussions at GCU New York

Klay Williams, Mariama Eghan, Anthony Parker, Angela Williams, Frank Zambrelli, Barbara Catalano

GCU New York hosted a discussion in partnership with Dress for Success® with business leaders on retail education as part of a seven-part series of events on Thursday, November 19.

A panel of experts explored career planning and advised the audience on how to maximize career opportunities at the campus in Manhattan’s SoHo district.

The conversation event was moderated by Frank Zambrelli, Co-Founder and Partner of Banfi Zambrelli and Chairman of the Accessories Council. Entitled, Workforce Development: Activating Your Community to Build Mutual Success, the event welcomed guest speakers Mariama Eghan, LinkedIn’s Talent Acquisition Program Manager; Klay S. Williams, Lifestyle Consultant at Plan A Enterprises; Anthony Parker, Executive Recruitment Consultant at LVMH, Moët Hennessy USA and Belvedere Maison; and Barbara Catalano, Senior Director at Columbia University’s Employment Information Center.

The series has been developed as part of Dress for Success’s Going Places Network Retail Education Advancing Leadership Program (GPN: REAL) to increase employment opportunities and improve the economic status of low-income women by providing pathways to advancement specific to the retail industry.

GCU New York Vice-President Cara Smyth said: “Like Dress for Success®, GCU believes in the value of growing a community in the workforce. The job landscape is changing rapidly and, as a result, new skills and tools are required to ensure candidates find the right career path through the help of insightful mentors. Our panelists expanded upon many methods and skills that candidates need to compete in the ever-changing world of professionals.”

Klay S. Williams noted that relationships were key to career advancement and job mobility. He said: “As you navigate your way from opportunity to opportunity, you should keep in mind that it’s not enough in today’s competitive market to be great at the work you produce, but you must also take the time to develop, nourish, and maintain weighted personal and professional networks.”

Columbia University’s Barbara Catalano added: “We all understand the importance that networking plays in our career advancement. In theory, it seems to be an easy task. However, the key to successfully networking is to plan it on a monthly basis by allocating a specific amount of hours each month to your calendar. This will ensure that you are moving forward.”

Angela Williams, Executive Vice President of Program Development at Dress for Success Worldwide, said: “It is with great pleasure, and with the generosity of the Walmart Foundation, that we launch the second salon event in New York with our partner in collaboration, Glasgow Caledonian University, and our colleagues in the workforce development and retail space.”

“Through bringing together stakeholders from retail, training programs, community-based organizations and human resources and workforce development professional, we can continue to work towards identifying successful approaches to build a powerful platform of job-ready candidates, employment opportunities and pathways for career advancement that will strengthen individuals and communities.”

Please join us at our final event for 2015:

• December 2: Community Partnerships: Connecting Career Pathways to Job Mobility in the Retail Industry