GCU researchers work with Glasgow pupils

05 October 2015

GCU researchers work with Glasgow pupils

The Caledonian Club

Research to improve access to water to the poorest and most vulnerable groups in Malawi and Zambia is being taught to schoolchildren in Glasgow.

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)’s flagship widening participation initiative The Caledonian Club is working with the University’s Centre for Climate Justice to share the initial findings of an 18-month project, Water for ALL, which is funded by the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund.

Water for ALL, a project led by GCU’s Director of the Centre for Climate Justice Professor Tahseen Jafry, aims to help build sustainable capacity in achieving equity and entitlement in accessing water and address issues of climate change, gender, justice equity and human rights around water.

Now these challenges are being disseminated through science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects to Caledonian Club partner primary schools which include St Monica’s, Camstradden, Elmvale, Haghill Park and St Bartholomew's.

Professor Tahseen Jafry said: “Global climate change has serious implications for every country and its people, and it is crucial that children grow up to learn, challenge and strive to reverse the devastating effects caused by climate change. Through applying STEM subjects, we hope our work with pupils will show them how their understanding of these subjects can be used to tackle issues which communities face at home and abroad.”

The initiative with Glasgow schools launched last week at the Glasgow Science Centre with 150 Primary 6 pupils taking part. The pupils took part in discussions with GCU researchers, where they exchanged views and opinions on how these communities compare with their experiences in Glasgow. The next stage of the project will see pupils calculate their own water consumption to compare their findings to GCU’s research in Zambian and Malawian communities.

Nathan Tagg, Caledonian Club Manager, said: “This project aligns with the University’s social mission as a University for the Common Good by bringing global challenges to the forefront and incorporating research findings into practical learning within our community. By utilising key STEM subjects within the curriculum, the Caledonian Club will work with its partner schools and pupils to inform the next generation and encourage them to use their talents and creativity to help understand and address climate justice issues.”

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