GCU to host nursing recruitment fair

22 June 2015

GCU to host nursing recruitment fair

The recruitment fair will showcase employment opportunities in nursing and healthcare

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) will host a recruitment fair for nursing students and graduates on Tuesday, June 23.  

The event will showcase employment opportunities in nursing and healthcare and will give attendees the opportunity to speak to a range of employers about permanent and temporary contracts.

Exhibitors will include ScotNursing, Four Seasons Health Care, Broadmoor Hospital, The Ayr Clinic, Balhousie Care Group, the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Navy Reserves.

The one-day event has been organised by Donna Cooper, Employer Engagement Coordinator, GCU Careers Service, and Margaret Caldwell, Deputy Programme Lead, Department of Nursing and Community Health.

Donna said: “This collaboration has enabled GCU to host a unique inaugural event that has attracted a range of quality recruiters from across all fields of nursing practice.

“While employers attending the event will benefit from gaining an insight to the skills and professionalism of our 400 soon-to-be nursing graduates, students will access real-time job opportunities and knowledge of the application process, giving them a competitive edge and keeping them ahead of the game.”

Margaret said: “The recruitment fair is an opportunity for students to network and speak directly to prospective employers. We hope this event will highlight what job opportunities are available and will encourage our students to think about the next step in their careers”.

The event will take place from 11am to 2pm on Level 1 of the Saltire Centre.

Attendees are encouraged to talk about the recruitment fair and start connecting with others who are attending on Facebook and Twitter (@CaledonianNews) using the hashtag #gcunursing