Mentor Testimonials

Thank you to all the GCU graduates who have volunteered their time to mentor a GCU student as part of our MINT (Mentoring, Internships, Networking and Talks) programme. By becoming a mentor, you are making a real difference to a student or new graduate who need your help now more than ever before. Below we have a selection of mentors who tell us what their experience was like being part of the mentoring programme.

al-mentoring-carol“I didn’t hesitate to get involved, because I myself had a mentor recently and I know first-hand what the benefits are. I wanted to share my experience and knowledge with someone who was just leaving University - and that has never been more important due to the situation we find ourselves in right now with COVID-19.”
Carol Ann Harrower, HR Officer at Sistema Scotland

al-mentoring-david“In my time, I have mentored a mixture of school leavers, graduates, post-graduates, colleagues and peers and this one with Anna is right up there as one of the best. It’s always important that people enter into these things with the right level of commitment and not just make it a tick-box exercise - even if you’re unsure what you want out of it at the outset, be committed and spend the right level of energy at time at it. Anna did just that and the reward for me was seeing someone smart, ambitious, resilient, open minded and flexible achieving something that she couldn’t have quite envisaged at the beginning. I’m looking forward to doing it all again.” David Barrett, Head of Financial Crime and Credit Risk Operations at FIS Global

al-mentoring-mentors“It was wonderful to meet Satwika and very rewarding to hear how new graduates are developing and planning their futures. Satwika’s new role is testament to her skills, talent and positive outlook in these challenging times. It is very rewarding to meet recent graduates and the new talent entering the workplace and to reconnect with the University. I have to say the match with particular students had been very carefully considered by the University to facilitate the programme, even in terms of time-zones.”
Mairi-Claire Cushley, Senior Director at Ralph Lauren

al-mentoring-mark“It was a really exciting opportunity. My mentee was travelling across Africa at the time so we had to work through time differences, weather events and internet stability. Even so we were able to hold purposeful mentoring sessions. This ultimately resulted in my mentee securing a new job – a significant step towards their longer-term career ambitions. It is a privilege to build a meaningful relationship with your mentee, to support them and learn about the amazing progress they have made.”
Mark O'Hagan, Director at P3OD