Mentee Testimonials

al-mentee-Anna“The advice and support given to me from my mentor lead to a full-time career in an area that I would’ve never had thought to look into prior to our collaboration.  He gave me the assurance to succeed at interviews, applications, and improve my own self-confidence, which allowed me to put myself out there, and appear more confident to potential employers.

“I do not know where I would be without my mentor, honestly. Especially now, I think it’s a very uncertain world, and having someone by your side to see through the fog was exceptionally helpful.”
Anna Gillies, MSc International Banking, Finance, and Risk Management

al-mentee-Diana“The mentoring team did a wonderful job matching me up with a mentor who is experienced and in the specific sector I very much want to work in. My mentor has been and is still helpful and encouraging with my job applications.

“We have worked on increasing my visibility which has led to greater recognition within the industry. My professional network has grown and participation in these associations helps keep my knowledge fresh, and also keep up with developments and news within the industry. I also find that this gives me confidence when applying for jobs.”
Diana Imani Alkirk, MSc Risk Management

al-mentee-farai“I arrived in Scotland from Kenya to start my masters and as a first time visitor, it was great to be connected to a mentor based in the country. She introduced me to the local culture and supported me with my quest to learn more about the entrepreneurship ecosystem here.

“Having a fellow graduate of GCU as a mentor was the best gift I could ever receive just before arriving in Scotland. Dr Sonya brings a wealth of knowledge and professional expertise that has enabled me to integrate well and develop as an entrepreneur.”
Fara Munjoma, BA (Hons) Business Management

al-mentee-nicole“My experience with the Mentor Programme has been invaluable. Campbell’s insight within the HR industry has been extremely useful as it has helped me to gain confidence.  I have always found interviews to be quite a nerve racking experience. Campbell has coached me on how to prepare for interviews and continues to provide me with support in preparation for interviews.

“I am hoping that in the years to come I might be in Campbell’s position and be able to be a Mentor to those in my current position!”
Nicole Barry, MSc Human Resource Management

al-mentee-shanine“Having a mentor developed my confidence and I gained the necessary skills to grow by myself post mentorship.

“I was struggling with post-graduate study options and my mentor was key to guiding my final decision.

“It was really beneficial having a mentor who had also studied the same GCU course as myself, as it helped us to connect at the start. I would urge students to take up this opportunity, I got way more from it than I expected. And I still am!”
Shanine Smith, BSc (Hons) Food Bioscience

al-mentoring-satwika“The job market was tough and continues to be because of Covid but talking to my mentor, Mairi, helped me understand some actionable steps that could be taken right away! She motivated and encouraged me when I discussed the challenges I was facing in bagging a role I would enjoy.

“After having a good long video call with Mairi, I decided to also explore the opportunities in B2B sales and I feel so grateful that I did so as now I am about to start my brand new job!”
Satwika Sabal, MBA Luxury Brand Management