Launched in 2020 as a direct response to the pandemic, the mentoring programme has benefitted over 700 students and new graduates so far. Entering a new and very uncertain employment market, mentees are paired with an experienced GCU alumni mentor who provides industry advice, guidance and support to help their mentee in their next career steps.

Thanks to over 1.5K experienced GCU graduates who have generously volunteered their time as mentors, mentees take part in a 6-month programme designed to give them a helping hand in securing employment or further study. A fantastic 2 in every 3 have already secured employment or further study.

Graduate Satwika, who has now secured a full-time position, something she attributes directly to her mentor: “My mentor has a rich professional experience and what I appreciated the most was that her opinions were candid, honest and pragmatic, something that did not only make me feel better but do better. She motivated and encouraged me, helped me navigate and make informed decisions, and opened my eyes to the possibility of avenues I hadn’t previously considered.”

Final year student, Aimee: “The mentoring programme is one of the coolest things that the university has done. My mentor has helped me greatly in my graduate interviews, she has helped in all parts of the process, checking applications, interview techniques and giving me an insight into the industry l hope to progress in. I feel l have gained a connection for life, we were matched so perfectly through the programme.”