Internship Case Study

Katrick Technologies Ltd.  

Engineering Design Analyst Internship

Company profile: Katrick Technologies is a green energy IP start up business using patented technology to capture and convert thermal/mechanical vibrations from waste heat, wind, and wave to provide zero-carbon electricity.

Identifying the need for an intern: As we began to expand our technologies to cover waste heat and wind energy, we required more help with the workload to develop these. The recruitment of four engineering students enabled us to produce our wind and waste heat technologies and prototype.

Intern profile: As a team of four MEng Graduates, we studied Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering at Glasgow Caledonian University. In our 5th year (Masters), we had the opportunity to work on a Katrick Technologies project. What attracted us to the role was the ability to develop our engineering skills. Using CAD programs and test models with a variety of analysis software, we focused on finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics. We also gained insight into Katrick Technologies business goals and approaches in a practical setting.

Benefits to the intern: While working at Katrick Technologies we had the chance to apply the knowledge and skills gained in university. The internship also gave us an opportunity to learn new skills and software, which previously were not accessible. Being a part of the Katrick Technologies team helped us to develop our soft skills such as dealing with suppliers, and explaining engineering problems to management, while working within a multi-disciplinary team. Additionally, interning at a newly established company has allowed our voices heard in decision-making processes to produce impactful work with their patented green technology.

Benefits to the company: The value of input and work accomplished by our four interns was immensely successful. We created our wind and waste heat technologies and have completed a working prototype for the latter. As a result of their hard work, we were able to attract more investors and partners to bring our products to fruition. We have now hired all four engineering interns as an integral part to the Katrick Technologies team.