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Do you ever wonder what your former classmates and lecturers are doing now? We regularly publish updates from our alumni in our magazines and newsletters, and would love to hear from you. Tell us what you are doing now, career-wise or in your personal life, and we’ll do our best to publish it in a future edition. Those we don’t publish will be made available for a period on this page of site.

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Margaret Miller
 (nee McCrae) Dip Domestic Science 1967
I would like to hear from anyone who was in my year. Personal circumstances have meant that I have moved around a bit, having taught in Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway. I am married, with two grown up children, and one grandchild.





‌Ummed Jain BA Accountancy 1974
Development of the accounting profession in Nepal was recognised by ACCA with a debut Achievement Award in 2006. I did my MBA in financial services at the University of East London in 2008/09. All of my three children are ACCA qualified and working in the financial sector. Currently I am developing academic relations with the Indian Government.

Marilyn Johnston Diploma Home Economics 1976
Took early retirement from teaching in 2011 from Brae High School in Shetland. Best decision I've made in a long time. No bells or buzzers and can do things on the spur of the moment. Life is great and I would recommend it.

Brian Williamson HND Engineering Management 1976
Finally got married on 8th December 2012 in Stirling Castle then had our honeymoon in South East Asia for five weeks over Christmas and New Year. We decided to have a wedding that was in a traditional setting but had a totally different approach. I entered to the guests standing on chairs and cheering as did the bride. Five of the guests surprised us both by performing the full monty as a surprise gift. The whole day was a fantastic dream that all said was the best wedding ever.

Iain Henderson
HND Accounting 1977
I would just like to hear from anyone who was on the course with me. Married with three children and have had quite an interesting time. I like the usual skiing, fast cars, music, football, rugby and oh a little bit of golf and a few other things.

David J Petrie
HND Communication Studies 1979
My wife and I recently appeared on Pointless (19 Feb). We reached the final but just missed out on the prize money.

Joan Garrigan (née Gilchrist)
Cert Health Visiting 1979, Cert Health Education 1989 and BSc Health Studies 1992
I retired from health visiting and went to Strathclyde University to complete the postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and now work part time as an EAP Counsellor. I am one of the new generation of sixty somethings who are still working.



393 x 241

Eileen Lister BSc Applied Biology 1981
Managing and delivering an effective technician service in East Dunbartonshire Council. Responsible for science and technical technicians working in secondary schools. Provide health and safety advice and support.

Carole Zeichick (née Sacharin) BSc Applied Biology 1982
I've been a stay-at-home mum for the past 18 years. Our son is now a US Marine. I keep busy with volunteer work at a variety of organisations.

Oscar_MendozaOscar Mendoza BA Social Sciences 1984
Back in the international development field after a long and happy career in grant making to UK charities, with the Big Lottery Fund. Working hard to encourage and enable poor children to gain an education by providing school feeding programmes with Mary's Meals.

Elizabeth Chow (née Cassellis) BA Home Economics 1985
After graduating I moved back to Canada where I had grown up through my formative years. I met my husband and have been happily married for over 20 years. We have two teenage daughters. I have mainly had jobs in the administrative field in retail and design. I have been in my current position for five years. I would be interested in reconnecting with my former classmates.

James W Lindsay Diploma Hotel Catering and Institutional Management 1985
Enjoying the outdoor life in New Zealand since 1988.

Mark Cullinane BA Accountancy 1988
Married to Lorraine with two children; Sara born in 2000 and Ethan in 2003. Still live in Ardrossan and worked at a variety of prior companies including Digital and IBM plus ten years in local regeneration. Hobbies include Football and Golf.

Anne-Marie M Burnet BA Home Economics 1989
I joined Queen’s College in second year as I had chosen the wrong institution. I worked in management before doing a postgraduate. I married and have four children, emigrated to Australia in 2010 and am Head of Technology at a Secondary College.

Anne Gillgrass (née Powell) BA Risk Management 1989
I graduated in Risk Management in 1989 and began work as a Risk Consultant in the Insurance industry. Thirteen years later following redundancy I changed career path and found myself managing a shopping centre in North Manchester. Perhaps not the best career choice just before the biggest recession in history but despite the inevitable challenges it remains a dynamic and enjoyable role with many opportunities to apply the Risk Management principles learned all those years ago.




‌Gillian Bruce (née Baird) BA Communication Studies 1990
Married the guy I was with at graduation (1990) who swept me off my feet to live in sunny Ayr for six months. We are still here (2013). Two kids (boy/girl - lovely) two rabbits (boy/boy - not recommended) and one sad solitary goldfish (his fault - he ate his tank mate). Set up my own marketing/PR company five years ago which means I get to work from home a lot and take the summers off.

Kevin Marron MSc Biomedical Science 1992
Married with three kids. Moved to Ireland ten years ago after working in Inverclyde Royal Hospital in Greenock for 20 years.

Iain Hamilton BEng Engineering Management 1993
Left Scotland in 2000 for Canada. Worked in Nortel Networks in various roles and joined Cree in 2002. Now working as the engineering manager for the LED components business and loving life stateside.

Colin A Gilchrist BSc Building Engineering and Management 1993
Married with two kids and a dog. Co-invented The Articulate Gallery special picture frame for children's art, survived the Dragon's Den, running a growing business and quite happy.

Manus Sweeney BA (Hons) Business Studies 1994
There are many business graduates who have risen to the top, particularly in the States. My best mate Brian Donnelly a business grad (1994) has many tales of his travels around the world on behalf of his Fortune 500 employer. He would be a great role model for present students at GCU. Work hard and you can conquer the world.

Lesley Pile (née Arbuckle) PgD Dietetics 1995
After 17 years as a dietitian I left the profession to start my own business, Nappy Days, making new-baby gifts and pamper gifts for all occasions. Initially only online March sees the opening of Nappy Days' permanent retail outlet at Widnes Market. Having my own business has greatly improved my work-life balance.

Eleanor Stevenson (née Atkinson) BSc Multi Media Technology 1995
I'm retired. My daughters both work in education. Kaye is a specialist teacher, teaching deaf and handicapped children.She graduated from GCU ten years before me. Janice is a classroom assistant (a new career after giving up a business partnership). I'm on Facebook but wasn't aware of the alumni page. Hope to catch it up.

Robert P Stirling BEng (Hons) Engineering Management 1995
Would like to hear from George Barr, Robert Colquhoun, Gavin Alexander, and Paul Neilson.

Duncan Turnbull BA Nursing Studies 1996
I started my nursing career with the NHS in 1985 and following a return to full time studies graduated from GCU with a BA in Nursing studies. Following this and NHS jobs in day surgery, ICU and CCU I went on to First Aid Scotland as an HSE registered first aid training provider.

Muliadee Abdul Majid Anisah BA Risk Management 1997
I have worked in many industries since graduating, such as banking, insurance, construction and now in oil and gas. Tough life but surviving. Now I'm on my own doing business consultancy.

Ross Macfadyen BA Retail Management 1998
After graduation, I spent ten years working in various positions with Waterstone's Booksellers and then became a stay-at-home Dad. I volunteer for the National Autistic Society and am also a Director of community radio station Celtic Music Radio 1530AM based in Glasgow, but broadcasting to the world.

Manoj S Nair BSc Information Technology 1998
For the past few years I've been working on the Online Fraud Detection team for the Bank of America. My team supports an application that actively works to prevent fraudulent people or entities absconding with your hard earned money! I've lived in the US for about 12 years now and while I miss Glasgow I do like the weather here! From my class at Uni, I would like to know how Derek Ainslie, Damien Cannavan and Brian Spears are doing.

Omar K Janneh BA (Hons) Public Administration and Management 1999
Since my graduation from Glasgow Caledonian University in 1999, I continued to develop my professional career. As today, I got my MAPA and Advanced Diploma in Conflict Resolution from Syracuse University in the US. I also attended courses at the Bank of England, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, German Bundesbank, Netherlands Bank, Bank of France, West African Institute for Finance and Economic Management. My family are fine and my daughter has graduated with a BSc in Applied Accountancy in UK.

Daryl Sharp BSc Electronic Engineering 1999
After graduation i moved to Belfast in 2000 for 2.5 years. Have since moved to Telford and got married had a son and have another child due this July. Been with Phoenix Contact for six years now and have progressed from commercial support to Commercial Support Supervisor and currently I am the Technical Support Engineer for the UK.




Caroline Gilmour PgD Entrepreneurial Studies 2000
Fortunate to be teaching the subject that I love - Sociology - for almost 12 years now. Proud mum of a wonderful son who is four.

Agnes Russell (née McGunnagle) BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance 2001
I enjoyed my time at GCU and it was here I met my lovely husband. We now have a beautiful baby girl Emily who is now one year old. I have worked in a couple of sectors giving me great experience, but I now find myself back at the University in yet another new sector, as I take on the role of Financial Accountant. It seems that I have come full circle and really look forward to the challenge ahead.

Kazim O Yusuf MBA 2001
I am currently a Partner at a mid-size Lagos based law firm - Probitas Partners LLP, which I co-founded in 2005. I have always had an interest in investment banking, hence my reason for going for an MBA programme at GCU in 2000 after graduating from the University of Wales, Cardiff, Law School. In January 2012, I and a few friends set up an Islamic Investment management and advisory firm in Lagos called Kord Capital Ltd. I am married with two boys, and love travelling.

Margo Paton Psychology and Social Science 2002
I am currently studying an Aromatherapy and Body massage course at College.

Michel Marx BA (Hons) Business and Languages 2003
I stayed in Glasgow for a further five years after graduation. I was offered an International assignment to Greece in 2008. Most colleagues have moved away from Scotland, would be interested in finding out about my tutors from 2000-2003.

Adel A Al Khattab MSc Risk Management and Financial Services 2003
In 2009, I was awarded the Scopus Award from Elsevier as one of the most active authors in the academic world. I am now an Associate Professor in the Business Administration Faculty within the Al Yamamah University, KSA.

Wilson Ibrahim Babatunde MSc Energy and Environmental Management 2003
I am very happy with the wealth of knowledge gained during my stay at GCU. After graduation I worked in the oil and gas industry in Trinidad and Tobago and later as a Manager with a water utility in Sierra Leone and then as Head of Infrastructure with the African Development Bank and now as Technical Advisor in the Ministry of Energy in Sierra Leone. I would like to contact some of my classmates and lecturers including Simeon Glen, Bob MacIllwarth, Prof Bob Gilmour, Bill Pollock and Dr Stas Burek.

Barbara Lofgren (née Bardzki) MPhil 2004
Just moved to New Zealand after eight years in Denmark.

Fahad H Yousfi BSc Network and Computer Support 2004 + MSc Management of Information Systems 2006
I came back to Pakistan when the jobs market was in recession. I had a very hard time. I experimented in many projects with some failures but learned a lot from those failures. Now I have a very good team and opened up a new company, it is doing good and I hope for success. Never give up, just keep trying.

Summer Elise Zwanziger Elsinger MA Business and Management 2005
My husband and I are expecting our first child in June 2013. I also got a promotion in January 2013 to Chair of Marketing and Management at Upper Iowa

Andrew G Potter BA Business Studies 2005
Been working in Sydney Australia for Foxtel (BSkyB equivalent) since transferring from BSkyB four years ago. Engaged to be married and have no plans to leave Australia. Be keen to know if anyone else has ventured to Australia.

Omer I Khan BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering 2005
Settled in Oman after graduating in 2005. In Jan 2007 started to work as a Sale/Support Engineer with Engineering and Development Group LLC (Edgo). Edgo is the systems integrator and offers control and automation solutions for oil and gas sector in Oman. From 2008-2009 I become the Project Engineer and then since 2010 promoted as a Project Manager. In June 2011 I got married and in July 2012 was blessed with baby girl.

Genevieve Bartuski MSc Forensic Psychology 2005
I am working on my doctorate in Clinical Forensic Psychology at Alliant University in California. I recently spent three weeks in South Africa where I trained with the Investigative Psychology Section of the South African Police Service. I also work at the Burn Institute where I do risk assessments court reports and research on juvenile fire setters and bomb makers.

Karen A Rudnitski PgCert Management 2005
While at Mozilla and bringing the Firefox browser to as many mobiles as possible, I am delighted to announce the arrival of my daughter Zoe Alexandra. She joined our family on June 15, 2012 and teaches us new tricks every day.

Rebecca Warrington MSc Waste Management 2006
After graduating from GCU, I returned to England to begin a career in hazardous waste management and I have definitely not lost any enthusiasm for this fascinating subject! I can remember many inspiring lecturers from the MSc course, as well as a great class of students. Hello to those who knew me!

Christopher Plews LLB Law 2006
Married with one toddler and more trouble on the way. I recently started a new job with St James's Place Wealth Management. Since leaving GCU I have worked in the voluntary sector with youth work organisations but 2013 marked a slight change of direction into the world of investments. Away from work I volunteer with the GK Experience taking young people from disadvantaged backgrounds on residential trips and have been known to trek up the odd hill play a bit of golf and some football.

Kalpana Sharma LLM European and International Trade Law 2007
Studying at GCU gave me the required confidence and I commenced my own advisory business in May 2008. Today, my business has a good community standing because of the quality and reliability of services provided. And I have been able to expand and own another business , 'Paul n Kal Cafe' in joint ownership with my friend, another graduate from GCU, and engaged in large scale catering orders. Through this business, I have been able to generate employment and we are actively involved in large scale catering orders too.

Mohammed_AhmedMohammed Hamid El Nasri Ahmed BSc Computer Engineering 2007
I'm 29 years old and a proud alumnus of Glasgow Caledonian University. I joined the job market shortly after graduation where I obtained a job as a Computer Engineer in an IT Solutions company. This opportunity allowed me to utilise the best of my education & develop fast professionally which resulted in me being appointed as a Project Engineer (in 2010) for the prestigious project of the Royal Opera House Muscat. -Today I'm a Project Manager at an early age and continue to ascend.

Michael C Jonathan MSc Risk Management 2007
I have three children; Michael, Michaela, and Micah.

Nicola Ruddy LLB (Hons) Law 2007
Former Asylum and immigration Lawyer in Glasgow, now working in the humanitarian NGO sector in Geneva, Switzerland.

Simon T Chiwaka MBA 2007
I took a break from my executive job to pursue the MBA program which has turned out to be a fruitful move. Sandwiching the program between my past experience and the time post-graduation, combining practice with theory and back to practice again enabled a different and more positive strategy articulation. The international network from my cohort benefits to this day.

Stuart S Devine LLB (Hons) Law 2008
It's amazing how quickly the time flies! Following graduation I embarked on the Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice. However, while on this course, I got a job offer with Strathclyde Police. Having been a Special Constable while at GCU it was a logical move. I am still there, loving the work - hating the hours! I am back studying again, for the Diploma in Police Leadership and Management. I am married to Gillian and still live in Lanarkshire.

Euan McNair BSc Psychology 2008
Currently Recruitment Manager for G2014, proud to combine my passion for sport and my career. Recruiting world class candidates into this world class organisation!

Sheetal Revis BA Tourism and International Travel Management 2008
Started working for Hilton when I was in my 3rd Year at GCU - have worked up the ranks and now looking after a team of 30 people after implementing the new East London Cluster. Travelled all over the world with Hilton. Recently gave a guest lecture at Plymouth University and have been invited to Greenwich University as well.

Azaisma Azam BSc Optometry 2008
Married about a year and a half now and working full time. Out in the big bad world after life at university!!

Muhammad Bilal MA European and International Trade Law 2008
After completion of a postgraduate degree I returned to Pakistan. Instead of establishing my law practice I decided to join the humanitarian organizations to become a voice of displaced persons and raise their concerns and grievances to the authorities. I use my knowledge and skills for the betterment of conflict affected displaced persons by providing International Human Rights Law, Refugee Law, National Law, Customary Laws and UN IDP Guiding Principles trainings. I married in 2011 and have one daughter.

Alistair W Reid PgD Human Resource Management 2008
2013 a year of change. Celebrating Silver Wedding Anniversary, my daughter is graduating from GCU and I am thoroughly enjoying leading the rewards department, which is part of a fantastic HR team at KCA DEUTAG.

Gareth D James BA (Hons) Social Sciences 2009
I am now in my final year of study for a PhD in African Studies at the University of Edinburgh. I have recently returned from 18 months of fieldwork in Zimbabwe, where I was investigating the outcomes of the country's fast track land reform programme. With a team of Zimbabwean research assistants, I visited over 700 families in three different areas of the country and found that land reform has not been an unmitigated disaster as is often reported in the media and by opponents of the programme. The research is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.

Edward Hamill BA (Hons) Social Work 2009
I have worked as a social worker since 2009 with older people and physical disabilities team. I have recently become a Unison Steward in my workplace. Since leaving university, I have become a grandfather and my oldest daughter is getting married in September 2013.

Mohammed L Ahmed MSc Operations and Business Management 2009
I got married in 2011 and now have a baby girl named Rayan Fife. She's a very intelligent young girl that gives me reasons to smile always.

Kingsley Ojumoola MSc Construction Management 2009
I am currently working on a Qatar Foundation Education project worth £85m as a Senior Cost Controller/Quantity Surveyor. My qualification and experience gained in the UK, most especially from GCU has really given me an edge and opened doors of opportunities for me. I would like to hear from friends in my set. I happened to be the class representative for the Construction Management class while studying at GCU.

Saul M Milne LLB Law 2009
At the moment I am working in Trading Standards as an enforcement officer. This has been a really interesting mix of learning and enforcing new legislation that I didn't get the chance to study whilst at Uni. The best thing for me is working to help local people and businesses. It is also a very worthwhile job for those who feel strongly about combatting rogue traders and con artists. I hope everybody from the LLB class of 2009 is getting on well; big shout out to the fast-track legends that are Dave and Matt!

Adam A Wilson BSc Building Surveying 2009
Joined Amey as an Assistant Building Surveyor on the Network Rail CEFA contract, before joining Amey's graduate programme. Did six month Project Management on highways contract; six months as Assistant Commercial Manager in Hereford; Bidding for three months in Halifax and Sheffield before now working on the schools contract, based out of Edinburgh. Have just recently bought my first house in Renfrewshire.

Zahid Mushtaq MSc Energy Systems and Environmental Management 2009
After completing my studies at GCU I came back to Pakistan to join my parents then got married and have two children now. Got placement at Lahore waste management company as Assistant Manager of Operations. Love my job and having a happy life.

Amy Elizabeth Hamilton BA (Hons) Nursing 2009
After graduating from GCU in 2009, I gained employment within a general surgical unit in Glasgow's Western Infirmary. After completing three years here I made the decision to leave my life behind and pursue a job in the Middle East. Working in Saudi Arabia has been very different and it took some time to adapt to the cultural differences. However my time here has been precious as I am earning a tax free salary that has allowed me to save and open doors to a world of travel! :-)




Pavitra Parameshwaran MSc Management of Information Systems 2010
Hi all, it’s so good to see the GCU Alumni magazine. A great way to be in touch :)

Nicola Riddell BSc (Hons) Interior Design 2010
After graduation in 2010 I continued my part time job in B&Q as decor adviser as it relates to my studies, after 9 months of searching I managed to get my dream job as an interior designer, I now design office spaces for companies big and small all around the UK and have become a part of a great team of designers, contractors and consultants. Times are tough out there but you will find something eventually. I believe my B&Q background helped with my progression to be where I am today!

Alexander G Keys MSc Construction Economics 2010
Whilst undertaking the Msc in Construction Economics, I was employed at Ailsa Project Management and am still in that position. I am predominately working in London on projects with a blue chip client and recently provided a new corporate HQ Boardroom and Directors area facilities.

Alison A Green BA By Learning Contract 2010 + MSc in Operations & Business Management 2012
I'd like to keep in touch with both undergraduates and postgraduates from both programmes of study at GCU. I studied BA By Learning Contract (2010) followed by MSc in Operations and Business Management (2012). I'm currently considering career options but I'm also considering the prospect of an internal promotion. My aspirations lie in change and project management - ideally I'd like to get into the field of management consultancy. I'd love to hear what everyone else is up to!

Emon Azriadi MSc Maintenance Management 2010
I have a dream to bring Politeknik Kampar, the institution which I involved in its founding and where I work now, become leading vocational education institution in Indonesia.

Teklu T Guta MSc Energy Systems and Environmental Management 2010
I am married and now have a baby, Olifnun. Olie celebrated her 1st birthday on 19 March 2013.

Mark Gilmour BEng Mechanical Electronic Systems Engineering 2010
Since leaving GCU I got my job with my current employer. I've been quite lucky it's a small company but we do massive design jobs for big energy companies all over the world so I've been able to get a lot of experience very quickly. The job has also allowed me to do quite a bit of travelling. I've also become a father. I now have two amazing sons. I have very fond memories of GCU particularly the staff. I'd love to hear from Jim Canning as he helped me a lot.

Bhavneet Kaur MSc Marketing 2010
Hi! Everyone. It’s been six months since I moved back to India. Settling down with the new job. I miss Glasgow, where I had a wonderful time. Those memories will forever be in my heart. Would like to hear from all my teachers.

Kevin A Marsh BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying 2011
I am still working for Baker Mallett LLP in the Scottish Borders. Since graduating, I have been promoted to Partner. I have also completed the APC undergraduate Option 3 and have been a Chartered Quantity Surveyor since May 2012.

Hamza Afdhal Mehdi Mirza BEng Mechanical Electronic System Engineering 2011
Working in one of the best companies in my country (Oman). Getting a job in such a reputed company was a dream come true. This would not have been possible without the humble support I got from GCU Faculty. GCU is truly one of the best Universities. I would recommend at the moment. Miss the quality time I spent with my colleagues in Glasgow.

Amith N Patil MSc Wireless Networking 2011
Not married yet. Opened a Networking Company - SPEED NETWORK SERVICES, in India. We are Wireless Internet Service providers. We provide wired and wireless solutions, Wi-Fi and Hotspot Services, Campus Wireless Solutions, Wireless and Mesh CCTV Services.

Joshua E Edokpa MSc Applied Instrumentation and Control 2011
I am married with three daughters. I work as a Shutdown Supervisor; co-ordinating the activities of repairs, change-out and maintenance of all instrumentation devices, equipment and systems. I have worked for about nine years now in my present company Nigeria Liquified Natural gas Limited, Bonny Island.

Jennifer_SempleJennifer Semple BSc Physiotherapy 2011
Rachel Catherwood and I run a physiotherapy clinic in Glasgow city centre. We started it up in 2011, just a few months after we both graduated from GCU, in the hopes of creating permanent full time jobs for ourselves and also providing much needed physiotherapy treatment to busy people in the city who maybe haven't taken the time to see a health professional or didn't want to wait weeks on a list before seeing someone. We sought support from the Prince's Trust (then known as PSYBT), who helped us to gain some funding and then put us up for an award which was decided between themselves and BT. We won best website! Our content was judged to be the best as it is informative, helpful, clear and concise.

Ravindra Vikram Singh MBA 2011
GCU provided an excellent mix of practical and theoretical facilities, a must for a good management course. In addition to classroom and discussions with Professors, the student activities I was involved in are still memorable. I would be glad to hear from my Professors and friends.

Mark W Gilmour BEng (Hons) Mechanical Electronic Systems Engineering 2011
Since leaving GCU I got my job with my current employer. I've been quite lucky, it's a small company but we do massive design jobs for big energy companies all over the world, so I've been able to get a lot of experience very quickly. The job has also allowed me to do quite a bit of traveling. I've also become a father. I now have two amazing sons. I have very fond memories of GCU, particularly the staff. I'd love to hear from Jim Canning as he helped me a lot.

Rashid M Abbasi MSc Human Resource Management 2011
Still looking for a job in HRM, working in Retail Sector, intend to take admission in PhD HRM from Sep, this year. God blessed me with baby girl last month.

Laura Lennon BA (Hons) Social Work 2011
I am currently a social worker working in a busy and diverse children and families team, employed by Glasgow City Council. I graduated in June 2011, interviewed in July 2011 and was offered my post in August 2011. Since then I have been able to utilise my knowledge and skills gained from my fabulous experience at GCU to assist me with the individuals I work with to empower them to achieve their full potential within all aspects of their lives, priceless.

Nicola Crombie BSc Professional Development 2012
Graduated from Glasgow Royal Infirmary 1978. I am grateful for being able to finish up with a bachelor’s degree, which is now a necessity for my last few years before retirement.

Ryan Currie BA (Hons) International Business 2011
I have just started work for Scotland's last shoemaker, creating a range of unique shoes for wear with kilts and manufactured specifically to match clan tartans or tweed jackets. Also working on developing the business via e-commerce activities and by entering into international export and trade.

Louise E Brown BA (Hons) Media and Communication 2012
I graduated from GCU in May 2012 and two weeks later I was head hunted for an online marketing position at 360innovate via LinkedIn. I am an Online Marketing Executive Specialising in Social Media, developing and implementing successful online strategies for a range of clients. My advice to future media and marketing graduates is to have a digital footprint. This will make you stand out from the crowd and make it much easier to get a job.

Sumin Dhakal MSc Banking, Finance and Risk Management 2012
It was really an unforgettable moment for me at GCU. Having spent more than 15 months in Glasgow, I am back to my country. I am enjoying quality time with my family at the present moment. Have also been offered positions by few financial institutions and also by a couple of colleges to teach. Have not decided as yet.

Tanvee Pardeshi MSc Clinical Microbiology 2012
I have just started with my internship and side by side doing my application for PhD. Hoping to get selected for PhD.

Aygul Gumerova MA Creative and Cultural Business 2012
I would like to learn more about my former classmates and those who have been studying at my programme after I graduated. My programme is MA Cultural and Creative Business; the module leader is Dr Douglas Chalmers. Couple of words about myself: after graduation I went back to Russia and I am doing now PhD studies in Linguistics in my home city, at the Bashkir State University. I haven't got married and I've worked for a while as a translator.

Sooraj Khetpal MSc Marketing 2012
Since my graduation I was worried what kind of job suits me and whether or not I will be able to do what I am expected to do. I got answers for all the questions when I got into one of the prestigious organisations like GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan. It is kind of where I was meant to be. As a project trainee at GSK, I am looking after five brands with responsibility of making strategies for them, achieving targets etc. All thanks to GCU for providing me with unmatchable education experience.

Susan S Adamu MSc Biomolecular and Biomedical Sciences 2012
Working towards starting my PhD in molecular immunology in October 2013 and at the same time seeing practice in a veterinary clinic in order to develop my veterinary career in the UK. Studying at GCU has helped me to gain the confidence I need to face life in whatever level of human existence without fear or intimidation by people things or situations. Having to always be myself in every circumstance and not try to be any one else is what I have achieved from GCU and it is my treasure.

David N Mbazor MSc International Project Management 2012
I miss people like Dr Nigel Craig, Dr Michael Tong, Dr David Manase, Prof Sommervile, Prof Kumah, Michel Harvey and Dr John Lowe. They are wonderful set of people. My best wishes to them.

James_MalitoniJames Malitoni Chilembwe MSc International Tourism Enterprise 2012
I feel great to graduate from GCU and be part of GCU Alumni. Currently, I am working as a lecturer in Travel and Tourism Management at the Malawi Institute of Tourism, the only government tourism training institution in Malawi. Recently, I have published a few articles in the local newspapers but I want to publish more especially in academic journals. Furthermore, I am working so hard to get an opportunity for doctorate studies in the same field of tourism

Asim Shaikh BEng (Hons) Mechanical and Power Plant Systems 2012
Recent graduate and delighted to get a job after qualifications from GCU.

Elaine Stewart BA Nursing (Learning Disabilities) 2012
I graduated in November 2012 and started my first Staff Nurse position in a Hospital in Norfolk for people with learning disabilities; challenging behaviours; Autism and mental health issues. I am currently in my third month, have enjoyed it immensely and am continuing to develop professionally with the training the company offers. I am practicing to the fullest everything I have learnt and more building my confidence and believe I have become a more confident nurse with my experiences.

Okechukwu Okorie MSc Applied Instrumentation and Control 2012
I will like to hear from all my classmates especially Padmakumar Cherukat.

Omar A Thalji MSc Health and Social Care (Diagnostic Imaging) 2012
I am a Jordanian Radiographer who recently graduated from GCU. After the graduation, I returned back to Jordan and got married. Nowadays, I'm a PhD candidate and will start my PhD study next October at The University of Aberdeen.