GCU Connect FAQ

How do I register to become a member of the GCU Connect community?

The platform is now open for registrations at https://gcuconnect.org/.

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Which registration method should I use?

The three registration options are; LinkedIn, Facebook or email. Alumni are encouraged to register via LinkedIn, as this account is likely to hold the most professional information about you and will populate your Community profile for you.

Is GCU Connect mobile-friendly?

Yes.  GCU Connect was designed to ensure optimal viewing on all devices, including desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and more.

Does GCU Connect have a search feature?

Yes. Users can search by name, grad year, degree, key word, and more.

Can I add my own events?

We encourage GCU Connect members to add their own events! To add an event just click the Create an event now button in the Events tab. Please put as many details about the event as possible and it's also best practice to add a photo to the event.

How do I add photos?

To add a photo just click the Add you photos now button in the Album tab and from there you can upload photos. You can also tag people in photos and you can tag Alumni in your LinkedIn connections. (That's a great way to invite people to the site too!)

How do I add job postings?

Click the Post a new job button in the Jobs tab. Go to job board and add as much detail about the job as possible. It's also helpful to add the company's logo. If you want someone to email you or another contact first, then put the desired email in the field. Else you can directly link to company's job posting. Job postings expire after 90 days if you leave end date blank.

Is there a guide to help me register for GCU Connect?

Click to view a guide to GCU Connect How to create an account‌.