Shariff Athuman

We asked our #ClassOf2008 what it was like to graduate during a financial recession and what words of wisdom they have to inspire our #Classof2020. Next up we have Shariff Athuman who graduated with a MSc in Operations and Business Management.

How did you feel in 2008 just as you were about to graduate?
“The sense of achievement that I have achieved and learnt a lot in the field of study that I had done, and I was very proud. However, l was anxious of knowing how hard it was going to be getting a job during that period of recession.”

Your words of support and advice for our #ClassOf2020:
“My word of advice is that as a graduate you have to be patient and learn to persevere, you are going to get many rejections in the job market, all you need to know is that it’s not the end of the world, keep trying, one day you will succeed. In addition, you will need to learn to be flexible with job hunting, if you can’t get the job you want then do the job nearest to what you want, it is the only way to break in to the market. I wanted to work in aviation industry but because I could not get in I got a job in the Railway Industry, its similar to what I wanted if not exactly. I wish the graduates good luck and well done for hard work.”

Thank you Shariff for sharing your experience and for your words of wisdom. #ClassOf2020 you’ve got this!