Sarah Callander

Our #ClassOf2008 have been sharing what it is like to graduate during a financial recession and their words of wisdom to inspire our #Classof2020. Next up we have Sarah Callander who graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology.

How did you feel in 2008 just as you were about to graduate?
“When I was about to graduate I was feeling a mixture of emotions. Glad to be finishing 4 years of study, proud of my qualification and excited at what the future held for me but anxious as due to the financial crash, avenues that were available to me for employment and further study before were now not. I found a different path to success than planned. But succeed I did.”

Your words of support and advice for our #ClassOf2020:
“You have worked hard, been determined and have achieved your qualification. Now is the time to take the next step! Being nervous or even fearful is understandable but use that to drive forward and achieve your dreams.”

Thank you Sarah for sharing your experience and for your words of wisdom. #ClassOf2020 you’ve got this!