Katie Moore

We asked our #ClassOf2008 what it was like to graduate during a financial recession and what words of wisdom they have to inspire our #Classof2020. To kick us off we have Katie Moore who graduated with a BA (Hons) in Risk Management and is currently Director of Risk Management for Live Nation Entertainment International.

How did you feel in 2008 just as you were about to graduate?
“The world was turning on its head and I couldn’t see how a new entrant to any profession could add much value. When everyone was at risk of redundancy, I wasn’t sure that a new graduate would even be in the hiring list, when people with years of experience were losing their jobs. I thought the crisis was going to set me back years in my plans and my degree would have to wait until the economy changed.”

Your words of support and advice for our #ClassOf2020:
“The knowledge and skills you have learned are valuable, but more than that, you are valuable. Every business needs competent and capable people, and your degree shows that, but we need the personality, drive and desire to move business forward. That’s what you as individuals bring along with the degree. While every business learns to operate in a new world, there is nobody better than new graduates to teach people how we can retain the best of what we had but compliment that with new and fresh ideas that meet our current challenges. The enthusiasm and endeavour of new graduates is incomparable and that doesn’t change in a crisis, it only becomes more important. Talk to businesses, give them your ideas and show them the new way. Your drive, enthusiasm and viewpoint should always be valued and even more so than in hard times.”

Thank you Katie for your wise words, #ClassOf2020 you’ve got this!