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Márcia Pinho Psychology 201p
Managing Director & Founder, believe-IN. Make it Happen!


The Facilitator of Change to Individuals & Organizations in Transition.

Life-changing events and transitions are stress-inducing experiences that challenge the individual’s functioning, health, and sense of self-worth! believe-IN focus on the enhancement of the individual’s ability to cope with change, growth, and development as a result of stressful life-changing events and psychosocial transitions toward effective decision-making and strategic planning, for higher performance and results.

Why is this work needed?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic crisis just hit us, and our lives are and will be changing unprecedentedly. We are somewhat encouraged to prepare some transitions in childhood and adolescence years but not for our transitions in adulthood, nor are we prepared to the impacts of those changes on psychological and emotional wellbeing in adult years. For some individuals, life-changing events & transitions can feel like a period of loss, in relationships, routines, assumptions and roles. Consequently, we must acknowledge our relationships with others have been deeply affected by social distancing measures. While some cope fairly with transitions, many struggles to adjust, too often this drives to significant levels of stress, anxiety, and feeling of fear, leading to psychological decline, which compromises effective decision-making and life outcomes.

Some support is available to help adults deal with transitions, but it tends to be sparse and is often only arranged in a crisis. There is a real need to shift from firefighting to prevention, on a holistic and person-centred basis approach.

We directly assist, individuals, and organizations prepare for change and managing transitions, for effective decision-making and strategic planning, preventing the danger of psychological decline for better life outcomes, and corporate results. 

What approaches we employ?

Drawing on knowledge from management, psychology, neuroscience and humanistic disciplines, we develop person-centred bespoken solutions to individuals and organizations:

  1. change and transitions consultancy: put the client at the heart of designing and implementing its change process; ensuring they are more in control of their life and more empowered, for effective decision-making and strategic planning.
  2. online webinarsworkshops & blethers, and training & courses: promote psychological resilience, self-awareness, and management tools; helping individuals deal with the range of changes and transitions, for effective decision-making and life planning.
  3. psychometric tests meant to provide the individual with psychological measurements of its current skills and knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and personality traits.

What projects are we already developing?

  • believe-IN conducted the first known research study on the “lived experience of fear during life-events and its implications to well-being.
  • ethics approved by the School of Health and Life Sciences-GCU.
  • member of the BPS.
  • a review of literature, evidence and practice has been completed.
  • Work with Woodlands Community Development Trust who sponsors believe-IN | Blethers to their community members.
  • partnership with VIRIDOR Glasgow, to which we deliver workshops to Glasgow SMEs and Social Enterprises.

Our purpose? 

Change & Transitions, to individuals and organizations.

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