2017 Winner


Dika Odum
2017 GCU Alumnus of the Year
In recognition of his significant early career achievements
MSc Energy and Environmental Management 2015

Since his career began, Dika has been caring for the environment. He is the Managing Director of Nigeria’s Kherithdum Ltd, which supports corporate training in environmental management and energy efficiency. His projects include KidsGoGreen, which is inspiring more than 1500 children to tackle climate change, and he was recently selected to aid the Lighting Africa Project as a technician and trainer.

Dika said:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, GCU equipped me and I’m changing the world around me in my little way".

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Mr O. C. Odum is the MD/CEO Kherithdum Limited, a firm incorporated to provide management consultancy and cooperate training services in the areas of Environmental management, Energy efficiency, Human resource management, Finance, Business Administration, Project management and Health and safety to both private and public organisations. He is also the co‐founder/CEO GITO Solutions LTD, a firm focused on developing technological solutions for environmental issues in the areas of waste management and water resources.

Mr Odum is a young creative and enthusiastic environmental engineer/consultant. Two year after entering the Nigerian environmental space, he has been involved in organizing the first World Environment Day UN side event in Anambra State, focused on tackling the erosion menace in the state. It was a high level stakeholder event, with the governor of the state and other top government officials in the state in attendance. He was resource person/speaker in the strategy session on renewable energy in the event that had over 1000 attendees. He started the 9jaKidsGoGreen project in May, 2016 to get children in Nigeria involved in environmental sustainability at an early age. He spoke to over 1500 children on climate change, reuse, recycling and the need to go green. Activities to teach children best practices on tree planting and an Arts competition were the highlights of the event. In August 2016, Mr Odum partnered with EcoCampus UK to bring the award scheme to Nigeria and transform Nigerian Universities into centres for environmental excellence. He has till date designed, fabricated and commissioned two mini anaerobic digesters for biogas production from garden waste.

He currently volunteers for a Non‐profit organisation called Nature Protection and Environmental Improvement Initiative (NAPEIIN) and is currently the assistant program officer. He has developed initiatives and campaigns to create environmental sustainability awareness for pupils, traders, residents in slumps and communities suffering from manmade natural disasters (Floods). He educates schools, estates and communities on climate change, environmental pollution, waste management, tree planting and renewable energy.

Mr Odum very recently was selected and trained by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to be part of the Lighting Africa Project as a Technician/Trainer.