Walid Fandi


What made you choose GCU and your specific course?

I had been living in Glasgow a year before I got my acceptance from GCU to do an MSc in Energy and Environmental Management. The choice to pick GCU was easier as I had already adapted and settled in OK in Glasgow. I chose GCU because I loved the city a lot first and second, of course because of the course content as I was looking to change my specialty from Geology into Health Safety and Environmental consultancy.

What are your memories of University? Were you involved in any clubs or societies?

My best memory was the time when all of the class went on a school trip supervised by the School of Engineering and Built Environment professors to Aviemore and the highlands of amazing Scotland. We stayed for a weekend to do some simple educational tasks related to renewable energy. One highlight was preparing a presentation at one of the luxurious hotels.

Apart from the educational part of the trip, we had fun and enjoyed the sightseeing of the highlands and of course, as we were students from almost all over the world, we got to know each other’s culture.

How has your career progressed since graduation from GCU? Did your GCU qualification aid you?

As I mentioned, my goal was to switch my career from exploration in oil and gas industry (Geology) into the consultancy at the same sector. I was interested in the environmental topics such as air emissions and waste management as well as loss prevention management including HSE. My degree from GCU aided me a lot to gain the job that I am doing now.

I am the HSE Engineer at one of the biggest oil and gas companies in my country of Libya which is called Mellitah Oil and Gas B.V. My degree from GCU had enhanced my knowledge and strengthened my skills in taking decisions related to work, such as public speaking. My GCU qualification was my winning card to compete and succeed in getting my job by passing my job interview easily.

What is your current role?

I work as an HSE Engineer doing consultancy work related to waste management and lately I follow up and monitor the integrated management system of my company. Since I got the job, I have impressed my bosses and showed that I am able to conduct multi tasks such as HSE weekly and monthly reporting. This usually should include and cover (all company offshore and onshore sites activities) accident and incidents reporting etc.

My greatest role achievement?

I have only joined the company two years ago so I have to say I have not reached my greatest goal yet, but I am on the right track.

My further plans are to compete in the industry and to be a manager. In the future I would like to work in more competing environment abroad.

I hope to relocate to the UK as it is a leading country in the HSE in the oil and gas industry. I hope to work as a professional consultant in the HSE sector which will open new doors for me.

In my spare time back in Glasgow I enjoyed hanging out with my friends from different countries and discovering Scotland, playing


Walid Fandi

MSc Energy and Environmental Management 2014