Vincent Bagiire


"I had an interesting time studying at GCU in Scotland in a multicultural environment that presented us with opportunities to harness amazing bits of the world. As an MBA student the cohort had many international students. Critical and strategic thinking was very much part of our academic endeavours. This helped us to see the future and shape it too. Twelve years later these lessons continue to inform my tours of duty. The alumni certainly has a pool of individuals that have excelled in many fields who are influencing decisions in their fields of expertise. But for students to be part of the global body of influence they must commit to lifelong learning. Specialising in short professional courses that sharpen our understanding of complex issues. That way they will become relevant beyond measure. The University certainly has the ingredients for students to not only excel but be successful in life."
Vincent Bagiire, Ugandan Ministry of ICT, Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, Ashoka Fellow