Morgan Mickelson

MSc Climate Justice 2019

After five years of working in the environmental sustainability field and witnessing the environmental injustices throughout the United States, Morgan made the decision to move to Glasgow and study Climate Justice at GCU. While completing her studies, Morgan received the Magnusson Award which enabled her to travel to Vanuatu and study the links between women’s empowerment and adaptation to climate change.

Upon graduation, Morgan moved back to the United States where she sought to work on policy and thus began her work with local governments. She now serves as the Director of the Office of Sustainability with the City of Indianapolis, Indiana. In this role, Morgan is responsible for implementing the City’s first sustainability and resilience action plan.

To date, one of her notable accomplishments is developing and passing the first-ever piece of legislation, related to climate action, to come from Indianapolis’s Office of Sustainability.  

Morgan says: “I am incredibly honoured to receive the Alumni of the Year Award. GCU’s mission of serving the common good is close to my heart and I aspire to uphold this mission by serving the public through working in my local government. This alignment of values makes receiving this award that much more special to me.”