Mirabelle Uche

MSc Fashion and Lifestyle Marketing 2019

Shortly after school, Mirabelle started a clothing line based in Nigeria. It is a small business where everything is made in the country and made according to order and not mass produced. All fabrics and labour are sourced locally and made in their atelier in Nigeria.

Mirabelle established EMBé in 2019, a sustainable, ethical and fair clothing line, launching their website (www.embe.ng) in November this year.  The clothing line is focused on making pieces that makes individuals feel confident and comfortable. Their core value is to create sustainable clothing that represents a world with diversity, maximum inclusion and promoting of individuality.

She has also been a voice for sustainable fashion online, encouraging others on how to make better sustainable clothing choices.

Mirabelle says: “I am really honoured to be presented with this award and mostly ecstatic it is related to my sustainability findings. GCU London gave me an amazing opportunity to explore my curiosity and for that I am truly grateful.”