Udayanga Galappaththi

Each week we are putting the spotlight on one of our amazing 2020 Alumni of the Year recipients and the critical role they have played during the pandemic.  Next up is 2014 PhD graduate, Udayanga Indunil Kumar Galappaththi, who is a senior lecturer attached to the Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna, Sri Lanka.  Below Udayanga tells us a bit more about his role:

“Current teaching subjects are composite design and manufacturing, production planning and control and production and operational management.  My other, involvements include chairman of department quality assurance cell, coordinator of postgraduate program development. Further, I am coordinator for the Erasmus Plus Capacity Building in Higher Education Sector project “Training Hub for Renewable Energy Technologies in Sri Lanka” where Glasgow Caledonian University is also a main project partner.

“I have provided direct contribution for the technology transfer in the area of composite design and manufacturing, especially for the Boat Building sector of Sri Lanka. My PhD was, Investigation of the effect of manufacturing defects for the fatigue failure of wind turbine blades, the experience gain from my PhD was directly applied for these technology transfer applications to the industry. I have also contributed for developing National Export Strategy for Sri Lanka.

“I have contributed in many ways in this COVID-19 Pandemic situation. Design and Development of Ventilator is one of a key project undertaken in Sri Lanka, where I am the principle investigator of the project. As a team member, I have contributed for developing MedBot_Robot for Covid-19, which was an unique robot to address, in supplying the most of the needs for isolated patients who have to remotely monitor, treat and provide needs during the Covid-19 period. I have also contributed for developing automated temperature measuring machine to ensure health and safety of security personal involved.”

Thank you Udayanga for the phenomenal work you are doing.  You are a very worthy addition to our esteemed Alumni of the Year recipients.