Sean Turnbull

We are putting the spotlight on some of our amazing 2020 Alumni of the Year recipients and the critical role they have played during the pandemic.  Next up is 2019 Health and Social Care graduate, Sean Paul Turnbull, who is the equipment operations manager at the COVID-19 Prestwick Test Site.  Below Sean tells us a bit more about his role:

“My role in the pandemic is making sure the test site runs as efficiently as possible by making sure all workers on site have the tools and equipment needed to work without issues. Delivering the COVID-19 tests to the courier is a large responsibility and I must assure everyone’s safety and make sure there is no risk of cross contamination. Everyone on site looks up to me as a role model and making them happy and keeping them safe is my main priority. As my dad always says teamwork makes the dream work!

“My contribution to society during the pandemic also ties in with my work motivation. Making the testing process for those arriving on site for a test is an anxious procedure. I always work with a smile and make sure that everyone being tested have a safe and smooth process and always leave with a smile. My family and I have also been ‘befriending’ a young boy. We love having him over and giving him that day to day communication and family contact makes him so happy, and we have loved every second of it. It has tied us together as a family and we now recognise him as part of our own.”

Thank you Sean for the phenomenal work you are doing.  You are a very worthy addition to our esteemed Alumni of the Year recipients.