Arsul Sani

We are putting the spotlight on some of our amazing 2020 Alumni of the Year recipients and the critical role they have played during the pandemic.  Next up is 2015 Professional Masters graduate, Arsul Sani, who is the Vice Speaker of the People Consultative Assembly, Republic of Indonesia and Member, the House of Representatives, Republic of Indonesia - Committee of Law, Human Rights and National Security.  Below Arsul tells us a bit more about his role:

“Like an MP in UK, my duties are conducting representative functions of the people, particularly on the issues of legislation, law enforcement and human rights affairs. As I serve as Vice Speaker, I also represent the Assembly in any meetings and dealing with other branch of state power, particularly executive and judicative branches, as well as with parliament, diplomatic mission and (foreign) institutions of other countries.

“As now Indonesia also face COVID-19 pandemic, I am also sitting as member of the Parliament Task Force of COVID-19 that supervise of COVID-19 handling by Government and initiate public participation and activities to prevent the wider spread of COVID-19 through distribution of masks, vitamins and minerals to strengthen immune as well as public campaigns on the use of masks and social distancing.”

Thank you Arsul for the phenomenal work you are doing.  You are a very worthy addition to our esteemed Alumni of the Year recipients.