GCU to honour all GCU Heroes

Our warmest, most heartfelt congratulations to our GCU Heroes (some pictured below), all of whom receive the Alumni of the Year Award 2020!

Previously, a small number of alumni receive the award each year, in recognition of their contribution, be it within their industry, for the Common Good or to the University.

However, it was only right that our 2020 Alumni of the Year Awards honour all of our incredible alumni who are contributing in a variety of, but equally vital ways, using their skills and good character to support the pandemic efforts. We are proud of each and every one of you and cannot thank you enough for continuing to make a difference, for the Common Good.

Thank you all on behalf of the entire GCU Community.

We are putting the spotlight on some of our amazing 2020 Alumni of the Year recipients and the critical role they have played during the pandemic.  You can read their stories below:‌