What our Students Say

Divya Jyotsna

Being an international student, I had to travel many miles to chase my passion in networking in one of the great universities in the United Kingdom for networking. GCU is the only university that offers a degree in MSc Advanced Internetwork Engineering along with CCIE training. The lecturers (Colin and Maria) were remarkable at passing down their knowledge and skills genuinely to me. I sincerely thank them for their effort to build my knowledge on networking from the basics to the complicated technicalities irrespective of time.  Special hours were even scheduled at the end of each week to clarify my doubts.

The materials and lessons learned in the class were logical and it was made clearer with real life examples. The assistance provided during lab sessions with INE and the practical demonstration in each lecture helped me build a stronger understanding about the concepts learnt. The conducive class environment together with my fellow mates made my learning more enjoyable. With the learning outcome from this course, I have developed to an extent where I am confident to attend job interviews and sit for an expert level certification in networking. This course is great and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious to pursue their track on networking.

Lewis Pour

“My desire to become a Cisco CCIE Network Engineer continues to deepen as I extend my knowledge and experience in this field. The opportunity to study MSc Advanced Internetwork Engineering at one of the best networking labs in Scotland has equipped me with the confidence and abilities needed to pass Cisco’s Elite certification.

The course is taught in a way which is both intellectually stimulating and highly rewarding and believe it or not, it is actually pretty fun as well.

I really couldn’t recommend it enough."

Jacek Niedzwiecki

The course lasts 12 months and it is divided into three trimesters of which the last trimester is dedicated to a research project.

The course is not easy but rewarding and I would recommend it to those who enjoyed CISCO and networking. For those who had previous expertise in layer 2 and 3 such as CCNA or CCNP, this course highlights previously learned knowledge and takes you to a whole new level.

 As I said before this course is not easy but for lovers like me who enjoyed networking, no matter how match time I spend in front of the computer I came back to school the following week with a smile on my face and asked for more. Colin and Maria teach the Advanced Internetwork Engineering course and both are knowledgeable, willing to help and assist in the labs. The atmosphere in classrooms and school is quite relaxed. Skill tests, reports, and presentations are spread across the entire year. The course uses INE labs, therefore time and physical presence at school is not an obstacle.

 Ask yourself three questions. Do you like Cisco and networking? Do you have CCNA or CCNP? Are you willing to dedicate a year of your life to learn more? If the answer is three times yes then you will enjoy this course as much as I did or even more.

Joana Manzano

I have to say that the facilities that the University offers to students are brilliant as far as I can tell. I love the Saltire Centre atmosphere. The knowledge and expertise of Maria and Colin, the lecturers of the programme, in Layer 2 and Layer 3 Technologies, and having access to the INE Labs. I really enjoy the discussions we have in class, you are not sitting there just listening; there is a big interaction between teachers and students and we all learn putting things in common and sharing different points of views regarding networking scenarios.

“Research and Project Methods” subject gave me the opportunity to discover some work from other researchers that I am interested in. It was very good learning how to find good resources and understand the best guidelines to support your ideas.

I would like to thank Dr Alireza for his support in what hopefully one day is my dissertation project.

I am very happy with my professional career so far. I work as a Senior Network Engineer and I really enjoy my job. I would like to become a CCIE in the next future and go deeper in Networking Design.