Beyond Graduation

The twin benefits of a Masters Degree and CCIE level skills will accelerate the career path of graduates by equipping them for challenging technical roles both in the short term and in their long term transition to senior managerial positions.

Graduates of the programme will be well placed to move into professional network engineering roles, and when achieving their CCIE, quickly moving on to Senior Network Consultancy, Network Architect and Senior Network Engineering roles. High level opportunities exist within Cisco Gold Partners worldwide, as Cisco mandates that companies employ a minimum number of CCIEs to maintain their partnership status. CCIEs can also be found leading technical teams in ISPs and telecoms providers, large corporations and the financial centres of the world. Typical salaries for CCIE qualified positions are in the range $80,000 to $150,000 (approximately £51,000 to £95,000) depending on experience.

For graduates who wish to progress to management positions in the future, or for those who wish to pursue a global career, the possession of a recognised Masters Degree is an important qualification which differentiates them from colleagues holding only industry certification.