Dr Fiona Kennedy

Senior Lecturer (Academic Development)
Prior to taking up post in Glasgow Caledonian University, Fiona’s clinical background was Occupational Therapy, working within a variety of acute medical and accident and emergency based services, and supporting student learning within the workplace. In April 2004, Fiona brought her passion for learning and teaching into the academic environment and joined Glasgow Caledonian University, working within the School of Health and Life Sciences for 15 years before joining the GCU Academic Development team.
Further to completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning, Teaching and Higher Education, and obtaining Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2007, Fiona achieved Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2016. She completed her Professional Doctorate in 2013, producing a thesis entitled “Levelling: A basic social process of successful and credible learning in the first year of undergraduate study”, and in 2019 completed the certificated EQUiiP programme (Educational Quality at Universities for inclusive International Programmes).

Fiona has been nominated for the GCU Student Led Teaching awards on several occasions. In 2010, she was nominated and shortlisted for two awards; ‘Effective Teaching that Motivates and Inspires Teaching’ and ‘Effective Teaching that Offers Timely and Constructive Feedback ‘and she went on to win the category ‘Effective Teaching that Inspires and Motivates Learning’ in May 2010. In 2011, Fiona received nomination and shortlisting in the category ‘Effective Teaching that Helps Make Sense of the Subject’, and in 2014 Fiona was nominated and shortlisted for the ‘Tremendous Technology’ award. In 2015 she received a nomination for one student led award and in 2017 she received nominations for two categories; ‘Inspirational teaching’ and ‘Outstanding student focused teaching’. 2019 saw a further two nominations for awards, this time in the categories of ‘Fantastic Feedback’ and ‘Super Support’.