Dr Colin Milligan

Senior Research Fellow
Glasgow Caledonian University
I am a learning researcher with an interest in self-directed learning and the personal learning ‌networks that individuals engage in to support their learning. Increasingly, learners must take primary responsibility for their learning, so it is important to understand their motivations, how their learning skills emerge and develop, and how their learning can be supported.

As part of the Education Research and Evaluation Team I support and promote educational research and scholarly approaches to teaching and learning across the University including analysis of NSS data, evaluation of the University's Graduate Apprentice and Degree Apprentice provision, leading the 2020 Student Experience Scholarship Scheme and providing individual and group advice on research and scholarship of learning and teaching.

Recent publications (for links, see https://worklearn.wordpress.com/publications/)

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I am on twitter as @cdmilligan. Find me in Room B124 at the Britannia Building.