Dr Alison Nimmo

Head of Academic Development
Dr Alison Nimmo is Head of Academic Development at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). At an institutional level she has particular responsibility for policy, and practice in professional development, recognition in learning and teaching and academic development.

Alison holds responsibility for the University’s Accelerate CPD Learning and Teaching Framework which is accredited by the HEA. This framework enables GCU to judge eligibility of its staff for professional recognition across the four levels of Fellowship of the UK Professional Standards Framework (2011). This incorporates the university’s accredited programmes in learning and teaching predominantly designed to support new and inexperienced staff, and fast track RPiL e-portfolio route for experienced staff.

Alison is Programme Leader for the University’s accredited programmes in learning and teaching – the Post Experience Certificate in Supporting Student Learning and the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. These programmes are provided to GCU staff in blended and online learning

Alison has extensive experience in the design, development and delivery of work based learning and action research based programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is an elected member of Senate and leads a number of university boards and working groups. Alison is currently the university's institutional theme leader for the QAA Enhancement Theme: Student Transitions. She is a Principal Fellow of the HEA and current Convenor of the Scottish Higher Education Developers (SHED) community.

Alison has worked in a range of positions within GCU over the last 19 years. In addition she has experience of working in the education sector with a range of national bodies including the SQA, SFEU, SSFE and BBC Education, and in the third sector.

Alison gained her doctorate in Educational Research from Lancaster University in 2014 and her research interests include professionalism in learning and teaching and the application of symbolic interactionism in research contexts related to Higher Education.

Alison is located in Room B110 at the Britannia Building.