Educational Research and Evaluation

The Educational Research and Evaluation (ERE) team are part of the Department of Academic Quality and Development. Our overall objective is to drive and support educational research and scholarly activity in pedagogy, practice, policy and participation in partnership with the academic Schools.

The overarching driver for our work is the GCU 2030 Strategy, particularly its goal of ‘Transforming lives through education’. Activities are closely guided by priorities emerging from external drivers such as the SFC Outcome Agreement, the QAA Enhancement Led Institutional Review, as well as the National Student Survey and other measures.

The above diagram shows how the Education Research and Evaluation team undertake three key roles to support evidence based strategic development across the University.

The three roles of the team are to:

  • Support Scholarship of Learning and Teaching
  • Evaluate the Impact of key University activities
  • Undertake Educational Research. 

To achieve this, the team engages with staff across the University including: Senior Managers, Academic Schools, Support Departments and Internal and External Networks. The work of the ERE team is influenced by key internal and external drivers such as the University’s Strategic Goals, Strategy for Learning and Enhancement Led Institutional Review, as well as the SFC Outcome Agreement, and National Student Survey.  

The team comprises Karen Campbell and Dr Colin Milligan.