Evidence for Enhancement

The current QAA Enhancement Theme (QET) is Evidence for Enhancement running from 2017-2020. The Theme seeks to support the Scottish HE sector to understand what we do well and what we could improve.

The main aim of the QET; evidencing enhancement of, and improvement in the student experience is wholly coherent with the strategic goals and priorities of the University, particularly the GCU Student Experience Action Plan (SEAP) with which it is aligned and integrated. The GCU SEAP has four main themes:

  1. Student Engagement and a Sense of Belonging
  2. Programme Organisation and Management
  3. Assessment and Feedback
  4. Wider Student Experience

This strategic focus centres on student achievement and success contextualised to the whole student journey from pre-entry to exit into employment or further study.

GCU is involved in a number of local and collaborative activities as part of our commitment to the Quality Enhancement Theme. Please contact colin.milligan@gcu.ac.uk or n.andrew@gcu.ac.uk for more information.