Five Scholarship projects to run in the coming Academic Year. All projects are cross-University, where appropriate, and contribute to the priorities of the Enhancing the Student Experience Action Plan, and/or the current Quality Enhancement Theme “Evidence for Enhancement: Improving the Student Experience”. Initial details are given below, with full descriptions to appear once the projects are finalised.


Partnership Working in GCU

Shiv Shanmugam, HLS with Heather Gray, HLS
Although GCU has a Student/Staff Partnership Agreement, and a commitment for increased partnership working between all GCU students and staff, currently, GCU does not have an overall measure of its activity and success in this important area. This project will seek to monitor our partnership working efforts, applying an extant measure (developed by HEA) and developing an evidence based partnership strategy.


Enhancing student employability and sense of belonging through co-creating inter-disciplinary projects

Claire Bereziat in GSBS, Daniel Baxter, GSBS, Caroline Gallagher, SEBE
This project proposes to survey current inter-disciplinary and co-creation learning practice (internally, and through literature review), and to develop a toolkit to aid staff in developing inter-disciplinary and co-creation learning experiences using best practices. The scholarship is contextualised in a proposed sustainability module applicable to students in GSBS and SEBE.


Evidencing a better understanding of the learning of students with disabilities

Rachel Mulholland, HLS
This scholarship will investigate the views, perceptions and experiences that students with disabilities have about their University journey at different levels and stages in their programmes of study.  The project is supported by a team across the University representing both academic schools and professional services. One aspect that the project will consider is the graduate employability of students with disabilities and the project team will liaise with the Careers team for this.


Understanding Student Attendance and its link to academic achievement

Julie Thomson, GSBS, Kareena McAloney, HLS
This project explores the relationship between attendance and performance, arguing that it is a key, complex and often overlooked factor, but also one where changing student circumstances may not yet be mirrored with a changing pedagogy. The project is joint between GSBS and SHLS and will liaise with other ongoing efforts to understand attendance, as well as considering emerging delivery models such as those used in the Graduate Apprentice programmes.

Exploring the benefits and challenges of developing an online bridging programme

Karen Thomson, HLS
The project proposes to examine the challenge of teaching diverse students, using as context, the move from face-to-face to online teaching of the bridging course that potential ALC students undertake. Karen will work closely with Helen Brown, and Heather Marshall from the Library, as well as ADTs from SEBE and GSBS.


Other work

In addition, we hope to support two smaller pieces of work: a small extension to the CAAM project looking specifically at mental health support in the context of academic advising, and activity to consider and highlight the implications and findings of the TransEdu project led by Steph McKendry at U of Strathclyde which explored the experiences of Trans, non-binary and gender diverse and students and staff across the Scottish HE sector.