Digital Learning Innovation

The Academic Development Team lead developments around enhancing the student experience through digital transformation in learning and and teaching. Our work focuses on five inter-related areas of activity:

Curriculum Design

We provide a range of face-to-face materials around curriculum design. For more details, explore the Curriculum Design section. GCU staff can access resources here and via the "Staff Help" page in GCULearn.

Online Assessment

We are co-ordinating the University's commitment to enhance and extend the use of digital technologies for online assessment and feedback. Working with colleagues across the schools we develop policy, guidance and staff development around all aspects of online assessment and feedback.  You can access the Digital Feedback and Assessment Hub here.

Digital Capabilities

We are committed to supporting and extending the ability and confidence of our teaching staff to use a variety of digital applications and resources effectively for learning and teaching. Developing digital capabilities underpins all the work of the Academic Development team, and is integrated into all our activities. 

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Learning Technology Systems

We are responsible for the strategic development and implementation of digital learning technology systems. We ensure that our technology provision is fit for the needs of our learning and teaching community and is a cornerstone in the delivery of a successful student experience. Some overview guidance with getting started with our VLE (virual learning environment) GCULearn is available here

Learning Analytics

We are leading the University's investigations into the potential for learning analytics in learning and teaching. The Academic Development team are leading GCUs involvement with national and international initiatives such as the Jisc Effective Analytics Programme, (read our Readiness for Analytics report here) and the EU funded SHEILA project

You can keep up to date with our work by:

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