Quality Enhancement and Assurance

Like all universities in Scotland, GCU is expected to adhere to the UK Quality Code for Higher Education. The Quality Code articulates what is required of higher education providers and sets out defined Expectations that all universities must meet. This includes regularly reviewing our provision to ensure that we offer high quality academic programmes and that we continuously enhance and improve the learning experience for all students. 

We review our academic programmes and subject areas on a five year cycle to ensure they remain current, fit for purpose and academically robust. The Department of Academic Quality and Development coordinates an ongoing cycle of Approval and Review events at programme, subject and university level. All reviews are designed to be robust and comprehensive, with events focusing on the assurance of academic standards, as well as continuous quality enhancement. 

Programme Approval

Programme Approval events take place when a new academic programme is proposed for delivery. A panel is convened to consider the proposal and decide if the programme will be approved to run. 

Programme Review

Programme Review take place periodically for all current programmes, usually on a five year cycle. A Programme Review Panel assesses the ongoing viability of a currently running programme, considers the outcomes of annual programme monitoring processes, and scrutinises any changes the programme team would like to make.

Enhancement-led Internal Subject Review (ELISR)

Enhancement-led Internal Subject Review (ELISR) events take place in addition to Programme Approval and Review. ELISR follows a five year cycle and considers the provision of a whole subject area (rather than an individual academic programme). ELISR normally involves reviewing the provision of one department within an academic School.

Thematic Review

Thematic Review allows the University to consider major themes that are not necessarily explored through ELISR or Programme Approval and Review processes. The format and scope of each Thematic Review is designed in relation to the theme being reviewed.

Enhancement-led Institutional Reviews (ELIR)

Enhancement-led Institutional Reviews (ELIR) are independent external reviews of universities in Scotland, managed and run by the QAA on a five year cycle. The next ELIR at GCU is due to take place during the 2019/20 academic session. 

Students play a crucial role in the enhancement and assurance of academic programmes at GCU and there are a number of ways that you can get involved