As part of the implementation of Strategy 2020 and the Strategy for Learning, the University has developed a model to support, recognise and embed the Common Good within the curriculum and wider student experience as part of its core mission. The Common Good Curriculum is also linked to GCU’s accreditation by Ashoka U as a Changemaker Campus for our commitment to social innovation through teaching and research.

The term ‘curriculum’ in this sense refers to the totality of the GCU student learning experience, both formally within the taught curriculum and informally through co- and extra-curricular activities. It represents a distinctive approach to learning and teaching, which develops graduates capable of tackling real-world issues and translating problem-solving ideas into action. The goal is to ensure that our students develop the attributes needed to make a positive difference to the communities they serve, in addition to acquiring the knowledge, skills and values associated with their particular professional or disciplinary areas.

The learning experience at GCU aims to prepare students to develop and implement new strategies and ideas that address societal challenges and needs, whether on a local, national or global scale. The Common Good Curriculum supports the development of four ‘Common Good attributes’: Active and Global citizenship, an Entrepreneurial mind-set, Responsible leadership and Confidence. These attributes are underpinned by the GCU core values of Integrity, Creativity, Responsibility and Confidence.


Further information and guidance for staff on the Common Good Curriculum can be found by following the links below (Note: edShare log-in required)

Further information and guidance for students on the Common Good Curriculum can be found here