Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Quality Assurance and Enhancement is defined as ‘taking deliberate steps to bring about continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the learning experience of students’. GCU assurance and enhancement strategies seek to promote an inclusive approach to learning by embedding the principles of equality and diversity throughout the institution, valuing individuals regardless of background or groups to which they belong. GCU commits to providing opportunities for staff and students to engage in meaningful professional conversations to foster effective partnership working in an environment that is sensitive to the diverse population on campus. Partnership in this sense reflects the UK Quality Code concept of joint working, based on a mature relationship and mutual respect and not a formal legal relationship.

It is accepted that enabling student development and achievement involves academic, professional, and support staff across the University. The University’s Strategy 2020 and SfL seek to develop students, as a body and individually, to be the best that they can be. These strategies take account of, and respond to, the collective and individual life stages of learning by enabling students to take responsibility for their own learning through a commitment to an engaged relationship with the University, achieved through institutional dialogue and partnership working.

Taking into account key messages from the QAA UK Quality Code, Strategy 2020 and SfL the following enhancement statements link to and promote reflection and evaluation at University, School, Department and at Programme level. These are designed to promote self-evaluation at the point of programme Approval and Re-approval and provide an internal and external articulation of quality enhancement and assurance processes, evidencing process in practice.